02:16 20140711 said the pandas from the prison break from the giant panda jailbreak The Confidante Tanzhi recently

02:16 20140711 said the pandas from the prison break from the giant panda jailbreak The Confidante Tanzhi recently, microblog received two and jailbreak related information. One is a giant panda reserve in Sichuan, two naive panda actually jointly staged a prison break, a panda stepped on the back of the other, climbing on the iron railing, but the body body fat, eventually had lost weight, and fell on the small partners, it is convulsed. another, is a mandatory drug rehabilitation center in Yulin, 18 drug addicts stole a tunnel, through the dormitory building, over 5 meters high wall, successfully escape. It is a pity that the police officer’s pursuit, a day will give back to catch. Two is the same feeling: the pursuit of freedom. Visible, regardless of animals or human beings, the pursuit of freedom is a natural instinct. p pandas living in a sanctuary, by human care, delicious good drink good sleep, and there is nothing bad. But even so, freedom, obviously, far more than enough to live comfortably come i
Mens Nike Air Max 90 Nubuck AAA Yellow And Whites more valuable. while the second is to escape the situation is obviously more complicated than the former. The protagonist of the escape is drug addicts. our country’s national conditions, the forced isolation treatment in the drug treatment work in the main force. p in the longterm compulsory detoxification process, drug addicts lose the freedom of the person, before
http://www.dashangwuyu.com/news/html/?11537.html drug because of exhaustion patrimony broken family, the family relationship in state of rupture. It is a long time between remorse, regret, despair, self psychological condition, it is difficult to dredge. , although it is out of the drug to help drug addicts to get rid of drug control, restore the health of kindness, facilities, equipment, management is also quite perfect. However, this type of compulsory detoxification, mostly by the government to set up the detention or other similar institutions to change, often implemented strict military management, management mode continues the practice of past detention, there will inevitably be some management do not place. military training, strict management, although effectively helping drug addicts from the physiological detoxification, to regain health. But for a long time lose their freedom, is almost equivalent to violate the law and discipline personnel treatment, apparently also hurt the feelings of the drug addicts. p from the practical significance, the drug addicts from violating the law and discipline personnel of, they are the first victims of drug, the weaknesses of human nature, they more is hurt themselves and their families, and nature is not bad, subjective did not like the latter as the social harm of high. Long in such a strict management, drug addicts will not produce a grievance, injury or conflict, the psychological, so as to increase the psychological burden of the psychological burden? approach, will not be the longterm accumulation of this psychological and various contradictions

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