08:55 20150524 please take the Internet’s wings p in March of this year’s meeting of the National People’s Congress

08:55 20150524 please take the Internet’s wings p in March of this year’s meeting of the National People’s Congress, Premier Li Keqiang in report on the work of the government is put forward for the first time Internet action plan. Do you know what is Internet ? professional, Internet is actually a new form of Internet development under the new 2, new format, is the Internet based on the development of knowledge and social innovation, the Internet is a whole set of information technology including mobile Internet, cloud computing, big data technology, etc. in the economic and social life of the various sectors of the spread, application process. In simple terms, the Internet is actually refers to the combination of the Internet and traditional industries, to promote industrial development in all walks of life. Internet is the essence of the traditional industries of online, data oriented. The highest depth of technology is the technology that can’t be detected, the ‘s father Mark, who says it is not until you can’t find it. And the Internet is such a technology, it is gradually infiltrated into our lives. Internet technology,
Mens Nike Air Max 90 Blue Red Whiteand 100 years ago, the power technology, 200 years ago, the steam engine technology, will have a huge and farreaching impact on human economic society. at the moment of China, the Internet is gradually infiltrated into our lives, everywhere, everywhere. For example: online shopping, online shopping, etc., everyone looked down at the phone is the most typical example, it has been or will be more to change our production, work, lifestyle, but
http://mall1680.com/news/html/?7865.html also led the development of innovation driven development of the new normal. careful analysis of China’s richest man Ma, it will be found that this graduation from normal college English teachers, in fact, his IQ, EQ is not the highest in China, he was able to become the richest man in China, the most important is his first investment, research internet, and successfully created the Internet Co. Ali Baba, a very rich fairy tale name, created a fairy tale for him. from the beginning of last year, Tsinghua University began to recruit the Internet master of finance, which is the layout of the country in the financial field. p with Internet strategy will continue to expand, coupled with the listed companies in the financing of the immediate needs, Internet banking become a lot of Ashare companies expand business or transformation upgrade Nirvana. Insiders pointed out that, if the Internet is still only a few of the company’s financial needs, then the need to transition, so since 2015 has become the era of new air outlet. At present, A shares of the company to the layout, a lot of foreign industry is also trying to early adopters, a new round of competition of the curtain has been opened. p in Tsinghua, Peking University Guanghua, financial professional is always preferred and most urgently strong professional master of the brightest, most of the brain are. Recently, his son in the fierce competition, has successfully passed the Tsinghua Internet banking master’s security research, which is our choice. this year is the Internet into China 21

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