08:57 20150523 to keep the moral of the economy

08:57 20150523 to keep the moral of the economy. p recently, Liuzhou, Guangxi, a man on the roadside parking to help the old man to cross the road, side of a vehicle and patiently waiting and no press picture is a netizen to take down, all praise forwarding, also attracted the CCTV and other media attention, Liuzhou received a compliment; yesterday, Liuzhou has also undergone a 19 bus drivers with steel tube septuagenarian passengers, and bring a negative effect of Liuzhou. A negative thought brings two things: the current China, moral construction has lagged behind the pace of economic development. p is known to all, after 30 years of reform, our country economy has occurred earth shaking changes, economic output has exceeded that of Japan, second only to the United States, ranking second in the world. As the second largest economy in the world, China in the global economy was devastated in the maintained a steady rapid growth, in the world trying to get rid of the play a global economy engine of the role of the international financial crisis, China’s every move had traction in the world’s eyes, and our moral construction and didn’t get the world praise. p to see some of our current situation: falls in the elderly have not helped, old girl small Yue Yue was knocked down by a car and rolled,
Mens Nike Air Max 90 Premium Black And White 18 people after no one to stop the rescue, rather in the BMW cry than on a bicycle laugh. All of these, human indifference and moral crisis, how not to worry. p Liuzhou is a city of history, and the same in building a modern economy obtained the rapid development, clean is the best evidence.
http://ilmsys.com/Blog/nike-store-australia-used-as-a-training-tool-for-building-and-walk.html But in the construction of spiritual civilization is the joy and sorrow. We in the process of eliminating poverty pursuit of wealth growth ‘hand hard, soft’ is lead to one of the important reasons for the phenomenon of the social indifference. In this regard, we should reflect on and alert. p in the economic and social profound transition period, people’s concept of value of complex and diverse, varied life way, moral construction more urgent and important, learning from Lei Feng is the best carrier. To this end, we have to take learning from Lei Feng as normalization, it is necessary to learn from Comrade Lei Feng without selfinterest, specialized and others, the public and the selfless, the noble spirit of selfless sacrifice his own life, but also to learning from Lei Feng, the kind of not in the good small and not for the little love move. In fact, Lei Feng is not what big man, has not done shaking heaven and earth. He is the most valuable place is the heart of Thanksgiving, the love selfless dedicated to all the people. Learning Lei Feng, is to learn his most simple quality, not good for small and not for, because of this, most people learn to learn, the masses can get more help. we must not only learn to do good things, to expand into the daily life of the work, but also to learn the realm of Lei Feng, to the moral civilization construction and the cultivation of the value of life and the pursuit of life, and only in this way, our social civilization can continue to progress, our moral level and the quality of our society, our economy will be healthy development. U

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