09:32 20150814 education should focus on the teaching of Germany

09:32 20150814 education should focus on the teaching of Germany , who has pointed out that the traditional education and the modern western style education is going to take a very different two way. Because Chinese and Western culture background is different, the value idea is different, the object of education is different, so the way and content of education are different. p traditional education has four contents and requirements in the life of each person to accept. The content includes family education, family education, education division school education, education Education and Ming Religious Education. Some scholars say that one’s life must be four kinds of education should be accepted, and be able to be successful. p and the modern education system probably only school education a, can add a social education, the two are focused on imparting knowledge and skills training the education belongs to the part of the transaction, and education is not all 116009400 the. br amp; amp; amp; and experts say, the traditional education basic is to teach the humanized, Ritsumeikan, MD, street, also is how to be a real man. There is not a man of adult things;, will not work, even if things have become too lucky, can’t keep long.
Mens Nike Air Max 90 Fusion 87 Light Yellow White p everyone knows, Han Yu’s the Division said, the first sentence is the teacher so proselytizes instructs dispels doubt, said is mission is to help students, Ritsumeikan, he taught the way of life. p and knowledge and awareness of knowledge imparting knowledge is secondary, is the socalled spare capacity to learn the, no spare capacity would prefer not to impart knowledge, but also to preach. Also is not to learn,
http://www.beijingsg.com/news/html/?108332.html students of, the teacher won’t put you out of retirement to, you are forced to take the teacher will be removed from you, this is not the teacher deliberately with you, but I really want to be responsible to the students. br amp; amp; amp; the ultimate goal of education should be to improve people’s quality of life, but Professor of modern education, almost all teach how to improve our quality of life as the only, and in a large extent, leading to the people all money. This may be the end of 2013 socalled immediately rich, immediately have a house, immediately a car, and so quickly became popular network reasons. The traditional education is exactly the opposite, often require around fans turn to Gordon, to turn knowledge into wisdom and finally to turn all holiness three target, in order to achieve socalled ultimate goal in life. p that is to emphasize the quality of life and to improve the quality of life of people, sublimate people’s mind to put on the equally important position, which is at all times and in all over the world all academic research topic, is the traditional education of the fundamental. if we want to have such a sense of identity, we must first distinguish clearly the two basic concepts: one is to make a living and life to distinguish. A wise man say: only to make a living in the primary stage of life. Life can be the ultimate goal of everyone; make a living just to meet people attribute to the animal survival benefit demand, living stage for the realization of the future should be to the stage of life change

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