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09:51 20110618 I was a friend except for the drought p I friends except drought br br br you Yao medicine awesome, the drought is relieved, I, on behalf of the old wife thank you! This is an he said he had a question of difficult tooth is his wife after menopause, when sex secretion, severe drought, into a very difficult, every time more pain than pleasure. We are not asking encounter the same problem. men is approaching seventy years of age sitting, naturally have this experience. Mian is a very traditional people, ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA he said, shops selling things that are young girl and an old man son how can in a young girl in front of the mouth say to buy this kind of thing. Other people will
call themselves old and not serious. br layer face tu
rned to me E-CIG CHINA said: Tang cousin, I heard that you have a lot of research on Yao Yao medicine, you have what method cure the old to drought? I explained, women to a certain age will stop menstruating, but not necessarily old
to dry. Healthy young women in the E-CIGARETTE CHINA life of the same, the same can secrete enough of the gland. It’s like a man’s tears, saliva, not because of a certain age and interrupt. br actually, when sexual life liquid secreted less. This Hot E Cig kits is not
in older women, according to maternity credits postmenopausal group joint committee of Chinese sexual medicine and the Chinese Medical Association Chinese women survey data analysis results show that, with 78.5% in women participating in the survey admitted, in sexual life appeared lack of lubrication. It appears that the drought is not only in the elderly women who appear, but also in middleaged women. br medical common sense tells Disposable e cigarette us that insufficient lubrication of the vagina when sexual life, appear one is women’s lack of excitement, not secrete enough gland fluid; second is because vaginitis to, the onset of senile vaginitis rate can be accounted for by the elderly women, 30% 50%. In addition, menopausal women’s sexual
function may be Mechanical Mod and RDA affected, such as estrogen levels decline, the function of the gonadal dysfunction can cause genital degeneration, atrophy of the vulva, vaginal elasticity of lubrication

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