12:05 20130623 is concerned about the students’ breakfast

12:05 20130623 is concerned about the students’ breakfast. a few days ago suffered sauna days, intolerable heat, typhoon bebinca promptly brought cool, but sudden storm also let our game spoiled. breakfast this week is concerned about the students. two days before the children after school, come back with me said, the school in the morning ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA eat pork porridge has a strange taste, like the smell of paint, very unpalatable, I listen to the concerns. And had also repeatedly listen to he said school breakfast unpalatable, pickles is not too salty, is not to taste, and every time I heard, only to comfort he said: never mind, habits, or let him tell the teacher. But, he says, the teacher also knows. I have nothing to say, since the choice of breakfast in the school, it is more honest. , but in E-CIG CHINA addition to the poor quality of breakfast, let me worry, there is another problem, but also let me worry. That’s the time for the elementary school breakfast. It is understood that the children’s school is nine am to eat breakfast, and the children are at seven in the morning to go out to school, I asked him, what to do after school? He said: do homework ah. And morning reading class, is the mornin
g reading, in fact, often used to speak in class exercises or a new lesson, then the morning exercises, and finally eat breakfast. That means children at seven to nine o’clock the two hour hungry Hot E Cig kits to learn, class. And what does this mean for a long body? if you don’t want to let the child hungry, it would have to also
give him the money to the canteen to buy something to eat, but do that, in addition to increase the economic burden outside, commissary of the Mechanical Mod and RDA thing Disposable e cigarette also is difficult to guarantee the quality and no matter how to say, parents are worried about. modern society, everyone all know the importance of eating breakfast, it for a day’s work, learning plays a vital role, and primary and secondary school students is the flowers of the motherland, our future, and school slowly eat breakfast, or have poor
quality of breakfast, is very unfavorable for long body of the children, but now the primary school and always ask students to the school uniform to eat breakfast, parents actually fell into a dilemma, do not know how
to deal with. here, I appeal to the relevant departments should attach great importance to the issue of primary school students, the meal time should be adjusted in time, not too late, there are conditions for the opening of the break, but not the two meal and make a meal, which may be more in line with the rules of children’s growth. In addition, the more important to the quality of the students for breakfast, do not let the deterioration of food into the campus, into the dining room, but not on the table, into the mouth. Because doing so, not only damage the child’s body, but also damage the future of the country. Our government departments, education departments,
health and epidemic prevention departments, food supervision departments should take a high degree of responsible attitude to do a good job in the primary school students’ E-CIGARETTE CHINA breakfast supervision, supply work. Should establish a set of supervision, inspection

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