12:31 20150725 blood vessels are blocked every day

12:31 20150725 blood vessels are blocked every day. a lot of people think, only to the old time, to worry about our blood vessels. As they do not know, the blood vessel patches, from the age of 30 after the acceleration. Some vascular unavoidably make nieyibahan. Like home tap water tube, with for a long time, pipe wall to scaling, rusting, gradually leading pipe is blocked and can not supply. In the blood of the scale refers to the cholesterol, triglyceride, they in the vascular wall accumulates more more, form as yellow millet atherosclerosis plaque. Over time, so that the blood vessel wall elasticity, blood flow is blocked, eventually caused by ischemia and heart, cerebrovascular disease. Enemies list of 1 vessels, lavish meals meal, blood vessels easy plugging. Often outside entertainment, restaurant dishes with high oil, high salt, high sugar and concentrated oil red sauce processed, resulting in more and more fat in the blood vessels, easy to plug the vessel. 2, the day and night to reverse, disrupting the circadian clock. Stay up late, resulting in excessive secretion of adrenaline and norepinephrine, so that blood vessels, blood flow slowly, the increase of viscosity. Long term black
Mens Nike Air Max 90 Sneakerboot Ns Silvery Orange Whiteand white of the people, the risk of heart disease will be more than normal people. 3, a day of two packs of cigarettes, blood vessels easily poisoning. Smoking is resulted in the failure of one of the culprits of vessels, even if your body good, two packs a day will to the blood vessels leave poison, let it day by day weak down. Stay up smoking, the blood viscosity increased
http://www.zijieshangmao.com/news/html/?333522.html 8 times more than normal. 4, less exercise, more vascular waste. Lower extremity blood vessels are also very important, but often overlooked. More exercise to allow more blood capillary opening, promote blood circulation; and longterm non movement, the blood vessels of the garbage will gradually accumulate, the formation of atherosclerotic plaque this time bomb, but also affect the blood capillary blood, and may be detonated. 5, hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular. The probability of cerebral infarction in patients with hypertension is 47 times of normal people. And high blood sugar not only involved in the micro vessels, but also lead to large vascular lesions, high blood sugar, stroke incidence is higher than normal 23 times. 6, bad mood injured blood vessel. Swiss experts have recently confirmed that mental stress can cause blood vessels to shrink, accelerate blood vessel aging. 1, eat vascular scavenger hawthorn, oats, black fungus, kumquat, eggplant, sweet potatoes, garlic, onions the eight food the dredge blood vessel, and maintain the elasticity of the blood vessel wall. Vinegar can soften blood vessels, lower blood lipids. 2, containing fish oil food fish rich in sulfur amino acid, lysine arginine, proline and Niuhuang ammonia acid, improve blood vessel elasticity and compliance and promote sodium excretion, rich in unsaturated fatty acids of fish oil and protect vascular endothelial cells, reduce lipid deposition and improving fibrinolytic function. 3. Foods rich in arginine. Such as sea cucumber, loach, eel and sesame, yam, ginkgo, tofu skin, sunflower seeds and other; dietary lack of folic acid and vitamin B6, B12, higher homocysteine levels in the blood, easy to damage vascular endothelial cells, promote the porridge

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