16:38 20110822 marriage is love or house marriage is love or house Zhang Jianxin ; p a new marriage law

16:38 20110822 marriage is love or house marriage is love or house Zhang Jianxin ; p a new marriage law, let the Chinese people have created a hubbub, for a time, people’s discussion of the ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA new marriage law in addition to marriage, marriage and divorce property real estate owned and segmentation and never other responsibilities and obligations and moral Mechanical Mod and RDA can talk; for marriage, seems to be just and benefit community you contend for me, and not the love family warmth favors to speak of the. think really cold, now people material life rich, but the feeling between people and people, and now there are many true love exists? Not married each other, each other’s property or plan for the future for the property is ready for divorce. New marriage law is not heartless, ruthless just now Hot E Cig kits the interests of men and women forced marriage law modified, do not change, in the eyes of those not love only substances of the people will
be a loophole, to marriage as a means of occupation of both the unique and common property. But I always feel that China’s 5000 years of marriage traditions, in the reform and op
ening up thirty years after a comprehensive subversion. China is a country with an ancient civilization, the spread of many vicissitudes of life love story, how many love partner for love can fling caution to the winds and abandon all property to the pursuit of love. Wang Luobin sings in that distant place in the song: I wish to abandon property to the sheep with her. Really let people think E-CIG CHINA of true love. Can abandon all the property in
order to love, to love can be hell on Inferno, for love can be sacrificed their precious things and even their lives. All this, as if all leave us, the rest is just the naked interests of the relationship. What is the true meaning of love? Now the answer may be thousands of species, in a pluralistic society is understandable, but regardless of how to regulate marriage property, marriage, love should be the first one? Of course, the marriage is also a need to have a certain material foundation to pave the way, but if marriage only pay attention to the interests and not stress feeling, such a marriage is, at best, a partnership business, attention to each of
the other’s purse, what is marriage? Instead of this, it is better not to get married, holding such a purpose to get married, sooner or later will divorce, so that both sides of the parents and the children left behind can only be pain, no good in their own. People Disposable e cigarette not happy, so much money, what? Money can’t buy love. so I want to say that marriage should be E-CIGARETTE CHINA based on love, to the true love in the end. Since falling in love with a person, to be responsible in the end, it is necessary to Xiangjingrubin, it is necessary to tolerate each other and take care of each other, the young husband
and wife old companion, helped each other to walk this life. As for family property, don’t calculate, if we always consider the interests of the problem, how can that be as enduring as the universe? We have little to talk about the property, more about the feelings of the family to be harmonious and happy.

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