17:45 20150906 we think that the amount of eating after exercise is more conducive to the healthy weight loss

17:45 20150906 we think that the amount of eating after exercise is more conducive to the healthy weight loss, so deliberately p we consider to exercise appropriate to eat more conducive to healthy weight loss, so deliberately in the diet menu for the post exercise meal additional modules to ensure between 200300 kcal of heat. p to does not want to let excess fat in the body to live, pay attention to flow, more opportunity for the fat, the rapid consumption out. But some people will complain, why the movement for a period of time after the stagnation? Sports experts suggest that you may wish to change a new sport. p instead, instantaneous explosive movement for example weightlifting, bars and the 100 metres energy is carbohydrate and not fat, so this kind of motion to reduce weight useless. p according to TCM expert analysis: Semen Cassiae can Qinggan Mingmu Runchang laxative; hawthorn improve indigestion; Semen Plantaginis is responsible for diuresis, clearing away the lung heat, eyesight, expectorant; dried tangerine peel can be for thermal physical people through the intestinal tract, antipyretic; Polygonum multiflorum supplement liver and kidney essence, nourishing blood, Runchang pass, detoxification, licorice is usually used to Runfei, cough,
Mens Nike Air Max 90 Hyperfuse Blue Whiteclearing away heat, tonifying spleen and stomach; Fructus aurantii have dredge meridians, eliminate flatulence for chest and hypochondrium distending pain, indigestion, indigestion. Beauty: a fat slender fiber now about 70% of people who have a lack of proper health care for the special zone of the special zone have made it a disease. Spinal SAR has four physiological curvature, the most prone to
http://ilmsys.com/Blog/nike-store-australia-has-been-used-as-inspiration-for-the-design.html disease has the neck cervical spondylosis and waist bending lumbar muscle strain, lumbar disc herniation. darling, this amount. I think that those who do vitamin manufacturers should take a good school. You have a lot more than that. Of course, the cost is one of the reasons, but now do, health care products, ah, a digression. If you insist on eating five hundred grams of capsules, please leave a message to talk about experience. I think, even if there is an effect, it’s too much torture. How about a little one? I don’t know. But bitter gourd powder capsule is still slow, and the author of the effect is not obvious. Finally, I and it to the bitter gourd. p function: eliminate abdominal ugly fat, tighten abdominal and lower abdominal muscles, also can very good minus waist swimming laps. p Beiyisanyuan Department of general surgery; Fu Wei, Professor, can regulate gastric banding weight loss surgery is a minimally invasive surgery, abdominal incision 12cm only. Moreover, this operation is simply in the stomach to add a control of food intake, that will not affect the absorption of nutrients, and will not affect the structure of the digestive function of the stomach and the structure of the stomach, but also improve the safety and reliability of many. Gastric band surgery material is silica gel, beginning from the 50s of the last century has been applied to the surgery, so far, basically no reports of adverse reactions. summer eat porridge food, is our traditional health care methods, the body is good. Drink porridge best drink mung bean porridge, mung bean

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