18:50 20150601 love yourself

18:50 20150601 love yourself, and the chrysanthemum tea to talk about a love ; childhood, like to drink chrysanthemum tea, at that time, every household in the courtyard are planted chrysanthemum, chrysanthemum my growth in next to the wells, each year in September, chrysanthemum began competing bloom. Heat the well in the middle. p remember a few single drop on the ground of chrysanthemum, I think waste, so he picked up the clean and set fire to the pot of hot water with a, chrysanthemum soaked in boiling water, did not expect, that assail the nostrils of the chrysanthemum tea, sweet tea, loved by the whole family, that year, my garden chrysanthemums in addition to viewing, is for our family as a tea drinking. this habit has been maintained by our family so far, even by the whole family. Dad said, I read a dozen years of books, as good as the good, the reason is that I was young and drink chrysanthemum tea. p after growing up, we know th
Womens Nike Air Max 90 Tape Gray Light Green Whitee chrysanthemum with Qinggan Mingmu, beauty, beauty, antiaging, antioxidant and many other effects, the love of chrysanthemum added, the one point. ‘s friends all know me, they are either on a business trip, or to see me, to bring me the most gifts, is the chrysanthemum tea. two months ago, a friend from
http://www.ytitsc.com/news/html/?2206.html Guilin, I brought a bag of chrysanthemum tea, friends say, the chrysanthemum tea is preparing for the listing, boss to take the name called Royal No.1, the growth in Guilin Quanzhou Tianhu and Longji terrace at the foot of the village of longevity, is imported varieties of rare and in agricultural experts and senior tea experts through dozens of times to develop improved development. In order to ensure the smooth full circle, flower shape and rich nutrition, every branch retained only a flower, chrysanthemum is on top. Quanzhou high altitude, large temperature difference between day and night, the growth period is more than a month, and the use of organic farm manure, not to use any pesticides, artificial weeding, natural river water irrigation. The Royal No.1 flower shaped large and plump, delicate and brilliant color, smell fragrance, sweet entrance cotton, lead a person to endless aftertastes. In this special geographical environment and the special magnetic field of chrysanthemum planted in nutrient rich, rich in a variety of amino acids, vitamins and trace elements as well as a variety of flavonoids, is a big nutritional position. The royal one is used for firewood baking technology without adding pure natural. Can rest assured that drinking. 5 on 20, the royal new meeting will be held in Nanning, the original is only a new show, so that the public can understand, did not expect the brand founder Zhou Yinghui

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