20081205 02:20’s sisters welcome bling from the beginning of the ninety’s last century

20081205 02:20’s sisters welcome bling from the beginning of the ninety’s last century, Hong Kong drama, drama by the impact, the ratings declined significantly. Slowly I do not see how the Gangju the, even if usually could not find suitable television watching and occasionally to search, is cursory, enthusiasm is far less than the small time, after watching E-CIGARETTE CHINA 83 years version of legend. Recently the network TV hit is bedecked with jewels the audience of this loss for many years to pull back, enthusiastically oodles, is different,
the young chase is play Gangxing now chase is the story, is bedecked with jewels is the series is suitable for modern urban women. br amp; br every mother want her daughter to find a good home, from her mate to get married to get married and have children, has been in labor, no moment is free of. Is bedecked with jewels mother Bai xiaorou Li Siqi act the role ofing so amp; in her eyes, three daughters like diamonds in perfect flawless, should find a good home. Daughter Kang Yayan capable, is a gold broker, due to busy cause the relationship between husband and wife nervous, mother intervened Yayan,
trying to save the marriage on the brink of collapse. Can marriage or broken, the big daughter of divorced divorce to find what kind of man will be happy? Mother always believes that the greatest Hot E Cig kits happiness of a woman is to marry a rich man. When the eldest daughter and upstart high Changsheng exchanges, the mother began to whisper, because of the high temper too bad. Second daughter Kang Yatong innocent, then despite against her mother E-CIG CHINA and boyfriend
to elope to
Canada, after returning to Hong Kong for three Mechanical Mod and RDA years, her husband was having an affair also come to their senses, mother made a drama the ungrateful Lang a walk, trying to play up the second daughter. Second daughter, lone, mother secretly brokered she and the richest man in Hong Kong, he Feng son of He Feng, Ga Masako but the flower son, pure second daughter in indecision. Little daughter Kang Ya thinks smart, most listen to your mother, she was married to a rich man, husband of bankruptcy into abjection socialite, so lonely ladies to a rich lady living life, looking for a a richer old Regal he peak. At this time, the mother began to worry about. In the film is a feeling of frustration of the Disposable e cigarette women how to
find the second feelings, the emotional twists and turns to make them more aware of what is their own to find happiness, and these are what women often encountered in modern cities. Of course as the metropolis emotion, is bedecked with jewels to attract viewers and intricate triangle even four angle relationship, let the audience listened with interest to make track for to see. In the film, rich celebrities also alludes to the Hongkong some rich and the stars, let a person look hooked. br amp; br is bedecked with jewels is pushing the TVB ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA t’ai big drama, so in the casting may not be sloppy, play Kang home three daughters are Maggie, Gigi, ADA, three people are TVB headed Huadan, feelings are a few twists and turns, there are three small pry angle or experience as a small three, so they kept angle

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