20110103 12:40 Federation drunken beauty pen Zhaoping 1

20110103 12:40 Federation drunken beauty pen Zhaoping 1. br the pen, on behalf of the Writers Association, but understanding of the literary circles Photographers Association, calligraphers, artists, musicians and all walks of life so many elites, I am deeply honored. Go, I take is musician association Qin Jie, chairman of the car, is next to the famous host Yang Jianhua beauty, she served as president of the association, the moment I don’t remember clearly. Tang Yufen is a beautiful girl in front, is a singer, is said to have won the award in the green song, re
Mens Nike Air Max 90 Fusion 87 Black With Whiteally amazing! Her husband is the art museum curator Liao Chunsheng, they are a couple of art. br the pen,
http://xu755.com/news/html/?7241.html president he Jianqiang affirmed the achievements I have made in the creation of small novels, let me happy, deeply ashamed. What is what President He Jianqiang said, I did not dare to refuse his kindness in a flagrant way. But I do have the result, in 2010, I know that. For a year, because I to the local town middle school teacher, wrote very little. I have been thinking of a number of authoritative publications, has not yet touched the edge. So, President He Jianqiang’s praise, it makes me ashamed. I like the pen, the emperor’s new clothes in the emperor, reluctantly supported the scene outwardly strong but inwardly weak. In 2011, I hope I can sleep on the brushwood, to shame!

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