20120319 12:24 Huang Yao ancient town to visit chating Huang Yao Juren hanging above the Zhenwu pavilion

20120319 12:24 Huang Yao ancient town to visit E-CIG CHINA chating Huang Yao Juren hanging above the Zhenwu pavilion. Disposable e cigarette Zhaoping ancient tea. Zhaoping mountainous, mountains and more road, road more chating. Even
a mountain outside the mountain road, not lonely; chating guarding the road, road more. br amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; since ancient times, Zhaoping will have Zhaoping injustice, the argument, so trail is everywhere a connected a chatting. For example, the North Tuo Longmen Mountain Pavilion, shelter Che Jiang Tian Pavilion, Phoenix Ying pan Ling Pavilion, Ki Yushan and so on, all belong to the road is an important post, or chatting. Located in the mountains of Huang Yao ancient town, is the gathering of many chating. So, many Huangyao chatting became the Zhaoping unique mark on the history and cultural symbol, inlaid in the rolling mountains, to the people of the world show it
once bustling and mountains Mechanical Mod and RDA general Dunhou simplicity of the ancestors of feelings. br amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; that day, I and several friends with Gui River Ecological Park of leisure people. To Huangyao ancient town, was fortunate to visit here a seat chating scattered. In my impression, chating, also known as Cha Peng, Lu Ting, pavilion,
pavilion, whether it is the road to the station or or mountains chating worth mentioning, is a cover windshield rain Pavilion, Huang yaoren used to call for These chating or emergence in the mountain road, along the edge of the canyon, several columns and a simple shed roof, refined or Diaolan block, or cornices painting houses, but the structure is not complicated, but also more functional single, remote place is purely post, village street is one of the major suppliers of passersby sat down rest, enjoy the scenery or tea. These chating winter can shelter from the wind, summer can be cool, every time tired go rest can always feel the unspeakable moved and spiritual comfort. Some remote mountain tea kiosk, also put enthusiastic Sao village morning treading the morning dew to pick tea, tea is homemade, though somewhat bitter, but always make tired character fragrance and gratitude. It is said that these Hot E Cig kits people like to send tea, repair, the idea of world,
is very long. Therefore, for pedestrians and laborer, chating is tired of ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA strips of bench, thirst of a bowl of tea, under the scorching sun the clouds shade, crazy storm the to big umbrella. Built chating, is often a conscious action of the people. A chating, symbolizes a good heart, a E-CIGARETTE CHINA symbol of a simple
rural wind.

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