20140117 10:54 to us eventually lost station 2006 I transferred to Xianggui line Chang Gang Ling railway station attendant learning

20140117 10:54 to us eventually lost station 2006 I transferred to Xianggui line Chang Gang Ling railway station attendant learning, attendant on the day of the master is to me said: now the speed of the car is fast, only 6 kilometers away from Nanning Railway Station Station Chang Gang Ling, also don’t know what will be undone. A prophecy, the last month of the 2013, built in 1966 Chang Gang Ling railway station was finally honored become in Nanning City, the first high iron and the abolition of the train station. p new highspeed rail line from the original yard after original Chang Gang Ling railway stations along the line have been walled up Weidang, a piece of old stop still stand in the next track, West Arrow stop pointing labeled as Nanning, East Point marked as village. Changgangling train station still stands on the side, the station three words clearly visible. The 60 years of the last century building, the wall was painted yellow. p that year, the four other station in Nanning City, the combination of urban and rural, dozen factory nearby cement factory, glass factory, convenient transportation, supply is very adequat
Mens Nike Air Max 90 Hyperfuse All Light Rede, with the flow of time, urban change, now the factory moved to the farther afield, in Chlamys than, scene of debauchery, busy have station surrounded, and he separated by a wall is Lang east district. While the Long Gang ridge railway station is still maintained fifty years ago, the rough and simple, this temperament like a very Chinese railway company’s responsibility and persistence. p at the station I learn that year station also for freight business, every day was the most
http://5zweb.com/news/html/?279439.html is the manganese ore, station all day is dark. And Dazhan immaculate reception hall, the standard terms of service, communication is very different, fewer Chang Gang Ling side small shippers, masters of each owner temper touch very familiar, and owner is like old friends, sometimes shippers less than a wagon, in the station, squat down to the masters will invite them to eat in the canteen, the owner does not hesitate to her home to like, the man touch strong to open. After the withdrawal of the station, also do not know that these teachers have been assigned to the station, the high pollution of manganese ore, it is rarely seen in the urban area. miss the memory, but with the development of those who have completed the historic mission of the station will eventually retire, like childhood, like youth, and then a good, but also a process, we will grow up, never go back. Live for more than a century of the railway station, there are always many past and memories, we hope that he can be retained to some long, however, is small and pure and fresh the hypocrite bale. Railway workers along the end of the hope to live in the city, they also have a good health, education, life and so on, a strong desire. From the strategic height, the development of highspeed rail and decrease along the station, the workers along to the life and work of large and mediumsized stations, from this point of view, the high iron boost the construction of new urban areas, will be along the workers into the city life. welcome the beauty of decorative cloth

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