20140401 22:25 Taiwan people to grab the devaluation of the RMB deposit account swap with a grandson aunt br Xinhua Taipei March 7 report reporter Wu Jihai

20140401 22:25 Taiwan people to grab the devaluation of the RMB deposit account swap with a grandson aunt br Xinhua Taipei March 7 report reporter Wu Jihai, Li Refang like last year ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA gold fell has motivated the continent in night mother sweep, far half a month to RMB exchange
rate inexhaustible lower, Taiwan’s grandmother did not mention more than that, in case of low appearance, positive
grab. p Taiwan banking industry founder RMB business for more than a year, the latest statistics show Renminbi deposits in Taiwan has reached 2145 billion yuan. Peng Huai North thinks, Taiwan RMB deposit antecedents include loans, large land bank market to buy bonds, bank lending. Once on both sides of the service trade agreement through effective, can also add rqfii fund backflow pipe. Banks abundant RMB antecedents, otherwise there is no will continuously receive deposits. p today, is Taiwan people daily RMB swap limit is 2 million yuan, some grandma to take advantage of the selfmade RMB although more saving, borrow with my children and grandchildren E-CIGARETTE CHINA to the bank account swap. 6, the Taiwan monetary policy director of the Department responsible for the construction of Huaibei is the wa
y to be able to sell the people should be asked to suggest that devaluation is to buy, not to sell. That sentence is interpreted as the market for him to see a lasting trend of the people’s currency, the devaluation is just to be able to play the HERSHEY’S side. Bank of Taiwan materials show that
early in the month of RMB exchange rate of about 1 yuan to 5.08, 3 yuan will fall Hot E Cig kits to 5.01 in early 1, down about 1 in 1% months. But the Taiwan community to see the great people of the yuan a lasting price, but the devaluation of the Taiwan industry to stimulate the war investors Disposable e cigarette to save heat. Peng Huaibei by suggesting that the economy is fundamentally in line, the land is commensurate with the. He thought, a company to attack corporate bonds to stimulate the mainland financial turmoil to very low. p Taiwan business association chairman less Luo Jinming expounding, the devaluation of the renminbi is a short time phenomenon, a short period of time to from people in recent currency profit probability Mechanical Mod and RDA is very low. For a long term, the yuan is still bullish. and the market moves by the Taiwan silver stop investors, as well as the Huaibei, said, buy. the
public’s enthusiasm for the deposit, the mobilization of the bank’s RMB deposits increased. Mid to late February the devaluation of the renminbi to, many banks more than half a month of people in recent currency ceiling gold rate fierce delete, single Zhou Cunkuan than before the drama delete several times. Many banks people plain near currency and fixed deposit project is the end E-CIG CHINA of March due, have started to prepare for the delayed action within a time limit or is the introduction of new plan seamless link, continuous suction gold climax. no classification Rel= comment 0

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