20140716 10:52 on Jin Sheng Li: panic selling continue to prove safety 1285 p the trend of the market and non human can shift

20140716 10:52 on Jin Sheng Li: panic selling continue to prove safety 1285 p the trend of the market and non human can shift, a separate Mountain Dew may soon subsided. But the tide is never stop. If you fall into the water, will you still care about the pose of a p for all Teng
Ying, the war over arrow disease, short drop speed like a highaltitude parabolic like, 1340 to 1292 about 50 dollars distance, only two days time implementation, especially in the recent volatility in the downturn of the market. Yesterday the Eurasian plate to the continued weak rebound mainly, the disk is given in 1307 more successful in profit 1313.5 departure, on the probe near 1314, failed to continue rebound, this is reasonable, bearish trend rebound just struggle just. U.S. panel
session in 1310 Lee again gives shorting, in a rapid decline among 1296 choose E-CIG CHINA to leave, silver 4150 venting and 4090 waitandsee, this decline is in the trend of spare Hot E Cig kits capacity, Jo Keyellen speech let bearish market moment focused on selling. throughout the E-CIGARETTE CHINA speech, the speech of a more hawkish tone than the previous, more clear. It was the first time that the Fed’s majority vote
had a tendency to raise interest rates in 2015, and the market’s recent rise in interest rates to consider the standard, that is higher than the inflation rate of employment. The U.S. economy continues to improve, but the recovery has not yet completed, the labor market is still weak, worried about the real estate recovery or slowdown, a highly relaxed monetary policy is still appropriate, but she also pointed out that the Fed Disposable e cigarette needs to monitor the
risk of low interest rates. Yellen’s testimony also pointed out that the current employment and inflation Mechanical Mod and RDA is important to tighten monetary policy in consideration of conditions. the Fed’s gradual withdrawal from the policy implementation has been successful, the market has made adjustments to this policy, in the foreseeable future can not see inflation, the impact will depend on market expectations. Gold yesterday at the beginning of the United States plunge nearly $15, and refresh 1292 dollars ounce a month low, the overall decline in more than 1%, because Yellen in his testimony before the Senate said if the job market improved faster than the Fed expected, earlier faster Shengxi, pushing the dollar rose. At the same time, it is also clear that ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA the Fed has shifted the focus from the QE to the level of interest rates. Gold as a commodity without interest rates, the United States real interest rates go higher on its terms is undoubtedly a great negative factor. p at the same time, Yellen hawkish testimony of influence, yesterday gold prices
continue to fall, fell below $1300 oz psychologically important level, refresh 1292 lows, temporarily at a in 1294 U.S. dollars ounce fluctuations. On Monday and Tuesday, gold has experienced a last October has been the biggest twoday decline, fell to about 3.5%, this month for the first time below the level of 1003. Before the end of the QE, continue to loose monetary policy, the price of gold has been rising. But at the same time in October ended QE, if the U.S. job market to improve faster than the Fed expected, may be earlier and faster rate hike. This has formed a lot of pressure on gold.

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