20141120 20:57 female anchor style tour of Longzhou to enjoy the beauty of the border by car fourth session of Longzhou

20141120 20:57 female anchor Disposable e cigarette style tour of Longzhou to enjoy the
beauty of the border by car fourth session of Longzhou, China’s first road can be a high cup International Bicycle tournament to start Mechanical Mod and RDA riders in Longzhou hongbajun Memorial photo out, the followers of the congregation. Huashan Frescos female anchor style tour of Longzhou to
enjoy the beauty of graphic border drive: Liu Guoxiong November 15, 16, Hot E Cig kits 970 female anchor brand 970 female anchor weekend style self driving tour came to Longzhou County, Guangxi, watch the fourth session of the China first can be high cup International Bicycle Invitational, enjoy the Sino Vietnamese border beauty. amp; amp; Longzhou at the southwest border of Guangxi, and Vietnam Gaoping, Lang Son Province, which borders, 184 km
long border, is a 1300 years of history of the border trade of historical and cultural city, which is one of the eight army’s hometown, Lyra art village. amp; amp; on the 15th night 7:30, 970 female anchor of self driving tour group came to Longzhou Cultural Center Plaza, watch the fourth session of the China first tall International Bicycle invitational
tournament and the first Longzhou high E-CIG CHINA Lyra Valley Cultural Tourism Festival Gala. This party is performed by local actors, full of the Zhuang style, very natural. Because the scene has a lot of prizes issued, has attracted thousands of people to watch. 16 morning, college friends came to the fourth session of the China’s first road tall international road cycling invited to the scene of the Saikaisai, watch the kick off ceremony. On the same day, more than 200 athletes from home and abroad to participate in the competition, the men’s youth group, middleaged men and women’s group three groups. China’s first road: the Dragon by i.e., Longzhou to Pingxiang road, built in the 11th year of Guangxu of the Qing Dynasty 1885, Guangxi’s first built the road, is also China’s ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA first with defense and economic, trade and tourism exchanges between the modern significance of highway. The road length of 39 kilometers, artificial dug in the cliff cliff, the twists and turns of the winding road, the road as a mountain bike race line very challenging. At the same time, the road along the way scenery, riding E-CIGARETTE CHINA in the green mountains and rivers between, make people feel fresh. Longzhou County in 2011 in the section held the first China’s first road bicycle road challenge, this year is the fourth. The successful holding of the first three, effectively expanding the event
at home and abroad

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