20150228 09:38 sponge Nanning city develops and

20150228 09:38 sponge Nanning city develops and . Nanning to create a sponge city of the news clues p this year, China Shuicheng construction of Yongjiang River comprehensive treatment and development work will further explore the construction mode, boost the capital of urban water ecological civilization and sponge city pilot construction. According to the Nanning urban construction plan pre release, the annual plan for the construction of
50 projects, plans to invest 2818000000 yuan. p water Yong construction this year will in 2014 achievement and carried out based on the midterm evaluation, to sponge city and water ecological civilization city building requirements as a guide, the use of good building Shuicheng midterm evaluation results of planning to carry out the optimization and adjustment. Annual focus of the implementation E-CIGARETTE CHINA of the 412 project one river two sides: Yongjiang River comprehensive treatment project of Party school district to three shore bridge above the two sides about 22 km landscaping greening construction, strive to be completed during the year, the mother river adds with a
beautiful landscape. A canal and two reservoirs: old port shipping hub completed lock, channel construction and all the generating units installed, the work has been basically completed, Yongning water conservancy project
to carry out the lock and the right bank of the temporary cofferdam engineering; north of the Changjiang River Diversion Canal Project and strive to complete old to usable section of the Yangtze River about 13 kilometers of the construction. One river and two lakes, accelerate the test the river basin governance mode of PPP project, and promote sand rivers, reservoirs River and other inland development of PPP model construction; basically completed five as residual GUI Xianghu Lake, green jade like Lake construction, presents
five like the overall lake landscape. A Court Street: finish Yongjiang demonstration building tour court and Acacia
and ethnic customs E-CIG CHINA street signs, Moon Lake European style town finishing work. At the same ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA time, the basic completion of Acacia, Feng Yuqiao construction, for the public masses provide new leisure and entertainment. p in addition to Chaoyang Creek, carry out second Keng Creek, Phoenix River and other key river remediation and Nanhu bamboo Jiang Huan, Acacia lake into a ring, five as ring three core stream promotion related work, and further explore optimization Waijiang river management mode, set up the river management information platform, promote the implementation of the project of fine management, accelerating the pace of water environment remediation. look at Nanning to create a sponge city of a major positive background on the Mechanical Mod and RDA development of the central financial support to the construction of the pilot work of the sponge City, according to general secretary Xi Jinping on strengthening the construction of sponge City, the spirit of the recent central economic work will be required, Ministry of finance, the Ministry of water resources, the central government decided to carry out the construction of sponge city. The relevant matters are hereby notified as follows: first, the central government funds for the construction of sponge pilot grant special funds, three years, the specific amount of subsidies by Hot E Cig kits the city size of the city, the city of 600000000 yuan per year, the provincial capital city of 500000000 yuan per year, 400000000 yuan per year. For the use of PPP mode to achieve a certain percentage, will Disposable e cigarette be based on the above subsidy base award 10%. Two, the pilot cities by the provincial finance, housing and urban construction, water conservancy departments jointly apply

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