20150730 09:19 recalls the day global Bookstore loves books like visiting the bookstore

20150730 09:19 recalls the day global Bookstore loves books like visiting the bookstore, especially in the past, the Internet has not developed
in the. p Nanning bookstore in downtown, go is to around the trip to the street, walk around the book mall department store, kill two birds with one stone. p I love for books, since the reading time, every weekend, always like to run to the bookstore, even if there is no money to buy books, roaming in the bookstore, stay, satisfy their desire of the book. I have the store this mentality of many people, so also attracted a bookstore supercilious waiter. They see us stay in front of the shelves for a long time, and was in no mood to buy books, from time to time will come, in a variety of ways to cast us out, such as sorting through the books on the shelves in front of us, or we read note books, or simply ouster. p we sometimes also very tactful, saw the waiter, will automatically go away, or move your position, to another Hot E Cig kits corner to our tireless pursuit. p at Mechanical Mod and RDA that time, I thought, if one day,
they can buy the entire Bookstore favorite book, it is how happy thing. at that time, Nanning is very small, traffic is also convenient, take a bus, or ride a bicycle, to downtown area, are very convenient. The bus terminus, generally set in the vicinity of Chaoyang Plaza department store, from the bookstore is a distance of two hundred or three hundred meters. p at that time, like riding a
bicycle to go, convenient parking, parking fee is cheap, bicycle and is old bicycle, E-CIG CHINA not afraid to encounter stolen afraid, figure is the worry and effort to save money. In fact, there is no more travel tools. that time, read a E-CIGARETTE CHINA book in the bookstore, hungry, can eat a bowl of Rice noodles downstairs. I remember downstairs halal rice, the most I taste mouth that later went to the bookstore, with yet another reason, that is to go there to eat a bowl of authentic Mosque of rice. Mosque of rice, delicious, delicious. The soup is delicious and sweet, with a cake to drink, lead a person to endless aftertastes. later, to participate in work, living near the library, there are more opportunities to read a book, go to the bookstore is less. Later, the popularity of the Internet, online can see to see the book, also do not have necessary run bookstore
to read, bookstore was apart from me far away. br now, basically rarely to the center of the old city in the vicinity of the, one where the traffic is not convenient, two Nanning become larger, everywhere is business district, want to go Disposable e cigarette shopping, go out and then can achieve the purpose, for visiting
the bookstore, there is no interest in it the, avid reading season has passed, I become reality. p the day before yesterday, took the baby to the bookstore around, young ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA babies is of course not dumb I am nostalgic thoughts, and although I have in her body, see his shadow, but also regrets in the passage of time, their past know has never come back.

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