20150820 16:40 Lijiang neon clouds

20150820 16:40 Lijiang neon clouds, the romantic charm of red rainy night tour of Yunnan 7 night Old Town of Lijiang alley, lights have been lit, the sky is still clouds. The neon light and the ancient city of Qingshiban is to make people indulge in pleasures without stop Lijiang night romantic charm Old Town of Lijiang in the water, the old house built according to the water Lijiang neon clouds, the romantic charm of red rainy night tour of Yunnan 7 photo: Liu Guoxiong p eat black goat and salmon meal, we were walking back along our long waterway, to the southwest of the ancient city of the inlet of water a long Democratic Road intersection, the Queen’s papaya meme with you break tour group in Yunnan frere separate walk, some people want to to buy clothes, because really cold, and from time to time floating in the rain, July 17, should is the midsummer season, I found that exhaled gas is actually white, the temperature should be is about 10 degrees, and we men basic didn’t take thick clothes to. I bought a shirt, but also can not wear every day, so we
Kids Air Jordan 3 White Blue Gray Redar short sleeved clothes two plus a scarf, the feeling can also be. So I and play, and Sina Guangxi two beauty decided to visit Old Town of Lijiang. from the southwest entrance of Light Green Lane Street, in fact, far from the center of the Old Town of Lijiang. I don’t have much on this side of the street lamp, only some of the old house, the inn door before the
http://xajzuan.com/news/html/?105540.html lights, let jingdanban road have so a little light, of course, the tourists here rarely, in such a small alley, such a rainy night wandering, even sometimes lost is pleasantly surprised, because in the dark alley suddenly appear in front of the lantern flashing, a new vista of feeling. Is very strange to say, is obviously more than nine in the evening, here to see the sky the cloud is white, and pink, and light, the ancient house together to form a beautiful picture, rainy night romantic charm is evident. went to the bustling streets of Old Town of Lijiang at least for more than an hour, this side of the neon lights flashing, shop even row, crowded, but also another beautiful scene, this is what we are familiar with the Old Town of Lijiang. Indeed, to the town of Lijiang to hang around in the morning and evening when people feel better. Yunnan is a worm amp; good place, the deepest impression is bake in Jianshui, Wenshan area eat insects, the dragonfly water, litchi and other insects, did not think of now in the old town of Lijiang is, the more bamboo worms, grasshoppers, pupae, cicadas, scorpions and other, tourists brave dare to eat, anyway, I love to eat. walk for a few hours, really tired, I went to a travel agency to sit down, waiting for them to send a postcard. The night of Lijiang really make people can not bear to leave. The bars, to Lijiang on the bubble, just choose a noisy bar or a singer and the interpretation of the Qing Dynasty? I prefer the latter, Lijiang flowers bar is said to be very famous, colleagues.

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