20150827 17:31 in the Daily published the Guigang Xi ou back a text and

20150827 17:31 in the Daily published the Guigang Xi ou back a text and . away the Xi ou back amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; in 214 BC, Qin Shihuang unified the South Baiyue ethnic region and in south of the five ridges set up Nanhai, Guilin, as the county, and the Central Plains of the Yellow River Basin synchronous implementation of the system of prefectures and counties, Lingnan since then into the unified layout. Qin Kai three county in Lingnan County of Guilin, ranging from this most areas of Guangxi county governance, in this, Guigang, was more than 2200 years. However, the Qin Dynasty Guilin county administrative building history is just the beginning of guigang. In fact, the source of the civilization and Guangxi to Guigang, back to the Shang and Zhou dynasties. The historical roots of in Guigang p in the pre Qin period, living in the state of Chu in South Yue is indigenous peoples living in the world of ancient South China distributed in today Zhejiang, Fujian, Taiwan, Guangdong, Guangxi and other provinces along the southeast coast. South Vietnamese branch and different, Ouyue, Luo Vietnam, South Vietnam, Minyue, Wu Yue, Yang more and more mounta
Womens Nike Air Max 90 Tape White Yellow Blackins and many branch, the history of almost to collectively referred to as Baiyue the. in south of the Five Ridges, Guangdong and Guangxi region of the ancient Yue nationality branch of the tribe, and to Ouyue Luoyue the two most massive. On the two, Luo ou are closely related but not the same more tribes, the study of the ancient Yue family history scholars have designed the. Archaeological experts, Guangxi Museum researcher Chao Xiong Zheng professor said, Ou and Shang
http://sjlgw.com/news/html/?2093.html and Zhou communication querfufan, stateowned land concept. Ou Luo Yue very early and the Central Plains regime has close contacts, laid the foundation for later between the Qin and Han ethnic fusion. people to distinguish to Ou commensurate with the more people, the residence is located, usually in the title and geographical position. Hanshu records: barbarians, West West ou, Zhongban Lei, South East King; Fujian and Guangdong, thousands of people in the public. East has become a word for today in Wenzhou city in Zhejiang province. Active area West Ou is south of the five ridges, South West, east of luoyue. Luoyue people living in West Ou of the West and the south, and now Yulin, Luchuan, Bobai, Lingshan, Hepu area is West ou, Luo the staggered in the areas inhabited by. Guangdong and Guangxi areas from east to West in geography formed east of South Vietnam, central Ouyue, West Luo the distribution pattern and become later Qin unified Lingnan in the three directions of East, middle and west respectively set up Nanhai, Guilin, like the county of geographical factors and social foundation. South Vietnamese as rice as a nation, it is the creator of the Chinese rice culture. Guigang is located in the Yujiang River Basin, West Ouyue people settlement center, is also an important origin of ancient rice culture. As a country where the kings Xi ou, Ou Xi is regarded as the root of Guigang Aboriginal history. After the end of the war of Ou of Qin, Qin Shi Huang blaming the recession, to banish migration of people, the Chinese and Vietnamese miscellaneous, Yujiang River Plain into the first wave of big development, integration period. Qinmo early Han Dynasty, day

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