20:19 20140918 singing in the wind and rain show respect and civilization | p discernment Liyan on the evening of September 16

20:19 20140918 singing in the wind and rain show respect and civilization ; p [discernment Liyan] on the evening of September 16, accompanied by the arrival of Typhoon earth Philco, 2014 the 16th of the Nanning International Folk Song Art Festival Concert will be scheduled in Guangxi Sports Center of. Despite the bad weather, live performances, but the enthusiasm of the audience It’s raining and blowing hard., and there were no rain extinguished. Everyone in this field regardless of the weather GeXu about. the South China Morning Post A115 September 17th Edition. p sudden typhoon Seagull came to the international Mechanical Mod and RDA folk song song dike spoiler, a large of the Nanning International Folk Song Art Festival singing in the wind and rain, and the singing will not because of the rain stopped, orderly, mutual respect, cultural shows, civilization view. br the first is embodied in the Organizing Committee and entertainers in all weathers is a responsible to the audience and respect and reflect is a civilized societ
y under the rule of law Disposable e cigarette of the spirit of contract.
Show date has been set, tickets have already sold, if because of the sudden rain break an
appointment, upset all participate in the schedule arrangements, but also to break the audience of hope. From domestic and Southeast Asia each country entertainers in the rain came to power, accompanied by wind and rain,
well performance, than usual to pay greater efforts, especially when the Guangxi sister Xiao Min Wang came in the pouring E-CIG CHINA rain, she does not open an umbrella in E-CIGARETTE CHINA the rain singing the love of my life. Singing in the rain, is the Hot E Cig kits embodiment of national arts character all the entertainers more! is more commendable ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA is the enthusiasm of the audience in Nanning and the quality of civilization. Rain to watch, always watch, passion is better than the wind and rain, the audience did not because of the wind and rain chaos over ice. Some so as not to obstruct behind the audience retract the umbrella would rather to suffer leaching, some entertainers performed in the wind and rain in the face of play is not stable, sound slightly trembling phenomenon, no people booed
whistle, but is more enthusiastic applause. Orderly, full of understanding and friendship of entertainers, embodies the Nanning civilization character of the audience. p in the rain, singing is the entertainers and Nanning audience a review and test, entertainers and Nanning audience in the dike made the a high quality of civilization of the respondents. I can not help but reflect the mutual respect and cultural quality of the singing in the wind and rain! ; published in Guangxi News Network a href rel = the sound of Guangxi headlines amp; 2014 September 18, 16:04

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