20:54 20150903 original China to reduce military posts 300000

20:54 20150903 original China to reduce military posts 300000, in fact, we do not have to scare China to reduce military posts 300000, in fact, we do not have to scare Lu Zengzhun Chinese people’s Anti Japanese War and the world anti fascist war 70 anniversary of the victory of the General Assembly at 10 am today held in Tiananmen square. General secretary of the CPC Central Committee, state president and CMC ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA Chairman Xi Jinping delivered an important
speech. Xi Jinping pointed out that the Chinese people’s Liberation Army is the people’s army, the PLA soldiers to keep in mind the fundamental purpose of serving the people wholeheartedly, faithfully fulfill Mechanical Mod and RDA the sacred duty of defending the homeland security and the people’s peaceful life, faithfully implement the Disposable e cigarette sacred mission of safeguarding world peace. E-CIG CHINA Xi Jinping announced that China will reduce the amount of troops 300000. CCTV 9.3 p this morning when I was feel an upsurge of emotion and watch 9.3 parade, suddenly smell President Xi Jinping High announced that China will reduce its military personnel amount of 30 million. For the first time heard, I was a little scared, a little bit do not believe their ears, but this is clearly the President Xi announced, I c
an not help but believe. I was really scared, it is a doubt: E-CIGARETTE CHINA in the current era of military construction, the world peace
is like to be challenged, our country every year to send more and more United Nations peacekeeping personnel, this period, the army really want to lay off? ‘s quiet mind to think, the President Xi so highprofile announcement of disarmament, so high, so confident, in such an important moment to declare the disarmament, not just
the show Hot E Cig kits of China’s military modernization is undergoing a qualitative change? So we don’t have to jump. China to reduce military posts 300000, highlighting what? p is one of the President Xi in the conference announced that China will reduce its military personnel amount of 30 million, fully demonstrates China with all the countries in the world together to protect peace, seek common development, sharing prosperity of sincerity and desire, but also show the our country to promote the international arms control and disarmament of positive and responsible attitude. second is to reduce the amount of troops, is conducive to focus on resources, accelerate the pace of information construction, improve the quality of construction. Let us start to look forward to: our army is to the mechanization and informatization construction rapid development, and has undergone a qualitative change, such as our main battle tanks, our battle ships, we all kinds of missiles and other, originally need team or more coordinated operations, and now as long as little a few people or a person can accomplish the combat mission. Another example is in the parade show a variety of UAV, is quietly to the main battle position conversion, this also shows that the our forces also have the battle from thousands of miles away, the level and ability. the third is to adhere to
the road of peace and development of the firm determination and confidence. Our highprofile announced to reduce its military personnel amount of 30 million, let the world believe that the friends we won’t go Guoqiang will tyrants, the old road, and never seek hegemony and will never engage in expansion. Let the people of the world know that some countries are deliberately rendering China’s threat.

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