21:22 20150225 said Tian Lin romantic Street

21:22 20150225 said Tian Lin romantic Street, talk about the cultural heritage of Zhuang opera! amp; amp; had heard Tianlin County, Guangxi Province, a Zhuang’s drama, the lyrics translation into Chinese meaning is: folk songs of Zhuang Opera a big basket, romantic street I sing. The lyrics, sings really free! Singing in the merry Street, really makes people elusive, did not dare Disposable e cigarette to imagine? At this point, caused by Hot E Cig kits the our curiosity, we must to see what was going on, get!, p to the Tianlin, we find local Zhuang people, and asked: Merry Street where? After understanding, just know romantic Street is a local traditional culture, has been passed. Every year in March to catch the GeXu, young men and women take advantage of this opportunity to love songs, folk known as romantic street. each country, each nation, has its own unique national culture. The ancient and unique charm of Zhuang Opera art, is a wonderful Chinese minority culture. Zhuang Drama called Zhuang Opera, is based on Zhuang folk literature, dance and rap skills on. Due to
the geographical environment, dialect, music, singing, performing style and musical accompaniment of the differences, resulting in the Guangxi Road Zhuang’s drama, South Road of Zhuang’s drama, Zhuang Opera and other branches. In 2006, the first national intangible cultural heritage protection list of intangible cultural heritage. as a cultural and media industry workers for many years. There is a strong interest in Zhuang culture, deeply by
the national culture and attract. By line, our team went to Tian Zhuang folk songs. In the local propaganda department comrades, accompanied by, we were to the township, conduct onsite field trips, of Zhuang’s drama culture further understand! br the most prominent of the drama is the north and the strong drama. According to historical records, North Zhuang Drama was born in thirty years of Qianlong, originated in Guangxi Jiuzhou Tianlin County town. North Zhuang Drama Music reform, through arts development, has been thirtysix tune. Is singing is the North Zhuang Drama mainly singing, by the development of Jiuzhou folk songs, adjustable solid clear, melody quiet and beautiful, always unisex.
p Zhuang Drama with strong local dialect singing, many folk proverbs, slang, proverbs and popular, the main accompaniment musical horse bones Hu Shizhuang unique musical instruments. p Zhuang’s drama is very active in Tianlin each villages and towns, mass culture Mechanical Mod and RDA is very good! Each township, village, have ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA their own strong troupe. Some of the artists from a young age began to learn Zhuang drama. Our trip into Li Zhou Yao Zu Xiang. Fuxiang village, visit a senior private Zhuang Opera artist, Li Zhou Xiang E-CIG CHINA Fuxiang village the flat Tun Cun Wei, deputy director of the Li Huiyong. [interview: Li Huiyong] reporter: when did you
start to like the show? What motivates you to
play the Li Huiyong: when I was young, I liked the show. E-CIGARETTE CHINA It’s not real.

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