22:19 20150606 Yangzhou’s evening

22:19 20150606 Yangzhou’s evening, and it must be beautiful.; ; Yangzhou. Guse blowing Sheng, review and stare, white stone Sao ya heart tiny tiny one Zhan, the heart already was misty rain wet heart, suddenly, a smell of smoke flower in the side gently around. br br Yangzhou faint night, midnight must be very beautiful, I never to Yangzhou, remember very small, in the TV series seen Jiangnan scenery, where a bright night, stately buildings, classical stone and the Iraqi water gurgling encircling and half cover old window ajar, and inlaid harp strings not wait for who. Read the bridge frequency frequent frequently shuttle countless pedestrians, there is no BMW, here only fenqiangdaiwa and on the edge of the bridge flowers willow of traveler. I can think of is the ten in Yangzhou spring, curtain Yinzhu as. Many years ago, one in order to see the Yangzhou downtown, bu
Mens Nike Air Max 90 Premium Black Greyt also to be good to hear or see, the life to the eternal emperor rouge. Although the extravagance of the emperor, but he hit the horse in a hurry the road to bypass panic he enjoy Yangzhou Qionghua, see the moonlight in the south of the Yangtze River, love a woman
http://magstime.cn/news/html/?13729.html in Yangzhou, although not a worthy death, but also no regrets. Before leaving, side and beauty accompanied, billowing bustling place also Buwang trip. br immediately white Shifu the song Yangzhou slow, I understand the poet’s Yangzhou slow in the ‘slow’, CI hope time be slower, armored Rongma slower, Jinse busy to go slower. I don’t know such understanding, the poets agree. You tread the horse to the booth, Zhuxi, unsaddle a stop, already feel the glory days is already not in. Look at the ten Li Gallery. In spring, though it is not to reduce, but mustard green wheat is not sincere, and quiet scenery, the charming scenery seems to be some cool thin, poet gently stepped down, stop is so desolate. br br Whitehead how to list here scenic spots and historical sites, how to put here downtown to appreciate the beauty of a times, but here the desolate sight blurred eyes. Once the Guanhua full of Jiangnan, bleak and desolate pool unexpectedly. Poet walks to stop, in the rush of pedestrians, how I want to have a person can understand his heart sad, how to regain past radiance. Today, a depression to flee from famine, discrete, the poet to

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