22:52 20150901 not to look at the old man in an alternative perspective p usually rush hour sitting rail

22:52 20150901 not to look at the old man in an alternative perspective p usually rush hour sitting rail, met the elderly should not seat? the always are netizens discussion topic. According to media reports, in order not to get a seat, a young man named Tang Tianming, Chongqing, a man named, choose to carry a small stool to take the rail transit. To know, although already 60 years old, but Tang Tianming is still a office worker. The old man explained: young people usually work tired, I understand. We should be considerate of each other. Chongqing Evening News p in recent years, because of the bus seat caused heated online discussions, and because most of the news reports are based on individual elderly because the seat and make the uncivilized behavior, let everybody issued such a misleading sweeping sound is not the old man gone bad, but bad people change old, make the person feel now the old man as the last of the elderly, feel to sell the elderly now fair old, unreasonable. and the reality, the old man really is like this? In fact, as long as we reflect on the careful analysis of the present, the old man as a whole is much better than the children, said respect for people! Respecting the old and caring
Mens Nike Air Max 90 Fusion 87 Wine Red White for the young is the traditional virtue, like seat to the elderly as, however, in the bus always don’t take your seat in the much too active seat. Perhaps the reason as part of the people said, young people go to work tired, the elderly should be inconsiderate seat, but analysis, with such an excuse, is not that kind of person’s character has a problem! Since
http://ilmsys.com/Blog/nike-australia-is-providing-more-running-shoes.html the above class tired excuse, you have returned home to clothing to hand, mouth open, the parents ignore, because go to work tired ah! There are, in fact, have this kind of thinking and practice in line, go down for a long time will form a habit, is not seat not respecting the habits, which want their young can work tired don’t give seats to the old, because the habit until their old will not give young people seat. p so, the author believes that don’t is a traditional virtue of additional barriers conditions, not to individuals looking for an excuse, also do not have the stigma of the elderly, not to mention the old bad. Rather than think now we own, compared to the elderly and the age, we in addition to live a better life, is not a generation than a generation of goodness and morality! Now the old man like when we were young age, let alone home to install antitheft window of door of guard against theft, even the doors are not shut, not to mention at that time, the old bus no one seat, and now we do! What are the qualifications to criticize the old man, Is it right? Should not Overgeneralization, feeling no shame. not to deny that some elderly people who do have a bad side, such as the reality of the help topic, but as our young people to participate in yellow, gambling, drug, not to keep good faith, and even more and more juvenile crime, although the proportion is much higher, but we can not say that young people do not want, but can not say that the future of the young people are not going to be bad.

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