a friend of the investment to me to a Business Daily Investor’s report

recently, a friend of the investment to me to a Business Daily Investor’s report, to me about the cheetah mobile information, this report will be Facebook, cheetah mobile, GoPro and Ambarella listed as the next four companies, and earnings per share forecast list among the best, cheetah mobile once again become the focus of U.S. investors. In the collective concept stocks decline this year, the cheetah mobile why headwind really worth. as of the end of last year, the number of shares of the Internet Co accounted for about 14, the market value accounted for over 34. Over the past two years, the stock price cut takes stock of more than 10 enterprises. Among them, Qin fell nearly 80%, jiubang digital fell nearly 75%, Chinese Mobile Games fell nearly 54%. Compared with the highest price after the listing, thunder shares fell more than 56%, poly beauty is superior fell nearly 67%, none of the shares and deep collapse mode fell. Alibaba announced Wednesday the second quarter results, revenue growth fell to the lowest level in nearly 3 years. According to Bloomberg, which led to the United States listed Chinese stocks hit a record low of 5 months. Investors worried that China’s economic slowdown will not be conducive to the
Mens Nike Air Max 90 Lunar Skyblue Black Whiteprofits of these companies. p, by contrast, the cheetah is covered by U.S. financial reporting heaped optimistic: for continuing worries about an economic slowdown in China makes the cheetah’s share price hovering uncertain. But the latest earnings report shows that its
http://ilmsys.com/Blog/discover-the-comfort-with-maximum-style-slide-in-this-pair-of-running-shoes-nike-australia.html earnings compared to the same period last year, the lowest rise of 250%. As the next Tuesday is to release the second quarter earnings, analysts expect the cheetah move the stock will start to rise again. Research Partners Summit earlier this month said they believe that the cheetah move has a significant growth potential, because it has been able to make a profit through its massive Internet users. and after moving more than PC earnings, in the upcoming cheetah mobile Q2 earnings report, I think cheetah overseas income is likely to exceed the domestic income, in the case of constant good news release, for the cheetah mobile in the capital market, and then add a key weight. and why the cheetah has won the recognition of the capital market as a stocks? I think there are three factors that are key. first, the cheetah itself and the traditional stock companies are not the same, the traditional concept of the company’s business focus is basically placed in the domestic, overseas markets tend to build a few cheetah mobile 2015 Q1 quarterly earnings show, overseas income of 260000000 yuan, an increase of 84.2%, accounting for 38% of total revenue, estimated second quarter revenue will continue to grow. Many overseas investors because of China’s national conditions, often on the business model of these companies, operating conditions are limited, and then cause information asymmetry, high or low estimates of the performance of these companies. Cheetah moves on the contrary, his focus is mainly on the sea.

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