a large number of P2P net loan platform running

into 2015, a large number of P2P net loan platform running, which was to make the P2P industry was questioned. Look at the P2P industry, some focus on P2P’s business, which is why the P2P net lending platform for business? to figure out this problem, I first talk about the real story of the P2P platform. In Shandong a city should regulatory requirements, the secret to specific locations, grandly, north of the group’s reputation and founder Chen Tao is also a local man of the hour. Founded in 2014, the North loan, one of the biggest problems encountered, the large amount of capital raised by no investment. With the help of distribution in the supply and marketing of the city, 15 villages and towns north of the farmers’ professional cooperative organization, North City loan absorbed hundreds of millions of deposits, and commitment to the user a higher return. The results a lot of money precipitation in north of the loan, no customer borrowing, no investment projects. initially, in order to attract deposits, the farmers’ Professional Association in advance to deliver more than 10% of high income. It is not difficult to imagine, once the North loan funds platform will be longterm precipitation, because there
Mens Nike Air Max 90 Lunar Black Light Greenis no loss in the project, may eventually collapse. Of course, with the other P2P loan platform can not be recovered and the collapse of the death compared, North City loan death perhaps more p objectively said, north of the loan is P2P platform another opposite teaching material, may also be P2P platform is another way to die. On the status quo of the industry, playing bad P2P platform is not others, is their own.
http://mall.cnncb.com/2043/news/html/?54150.html In short, although the death of the law is different, the crux of the problem is due to poor management of funds strand breaks. from some of the reasons for the collapse of P2P platform, P2P net loan platform in the management of the loopholes, one is lending, on the other hand is the efficiency of capital transfer. The loan funds transfer is awkward, a typical case of low efficiency. Most P2P platforms are closed down because of the problem of lending. specific, P2P platform in the lending of some of the problems, more internal management process is not perfect the inevitable result. In the industry are relatively wellknown P2P platform, pat loans, credit and pleasant and Sanyi treasure have their own characteristics in the business and industry recognized relatively high degree of P2P platform. is reported to be a pleasant loan for urban whitecollar elite crowd lending, because this part of the people have a stable job and income, with a good education level, but also the Internet users, you can find the target customers through the Internet and assess credit. In addition, some P2P platform in order to reduce operational risk, the borrower must provide collateral, which is similar to the traditional bank’s mortgage. in the actual operation, the simple lock high income people, to provide collateral, these strategies are also difficult to eliminate the risk from the fundamental. To truly put an end to operational risk, P2P platform must be like the credit card department to build its own set of credit system. As a result of the P2P platform to provide access to the platform, the P2P platform can only build their own credit

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