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Original title: Jianshi dump heavy rain the cadres and the masses to go all out to rescue and relief road into river parties forces work together to rescue the Jingchu net news (special correspondent correspondent Tan, Guilin CHENHONG Zhang Guifeng Zhang Zongqing) June 1st, Jianshi domestic dump
Nike Air Max 90 Lunar Womens Shoes 36 years once the storm, causing serious natural disasters, the county cadres and the masses go all out to rescue and relief. At midnight on January 6 4 began to 11, Jianshi County has the heavy rain, the state industry, beam length, and Mao Tian, Gaoping, five buy Nike Air Max 90 Lunar Womens Shoes towns rainfall reached 100 mm above, three li Xiang Xiao Hong Village Primary School site maximum rainfall reached 177 mm, maximum rainfall in the city reached 150 mm. According to the state hydrological records, the rainfall for 55 years second, a return period of 36 years. County
Womens Nike Air Max 90 Lunar 25th 150108076 Reservoir puriton limit water level operation of eight, the wood gate reservoir water level rose 9.25 meters, the creek mouth reservoir water level rose 6.87 metres, Yesan river water level rose 11 meters. 9 am, the County flood control office has started flood control four response. Preliminary buy Nike Air Max Thea Print Womens Shoes statistics, as of 11 am, the county caused 187 villages and 8 villages and 50400 people were affected, the current disaster has caused losses of more than 4000 yuan. After the disaster, the county Party committee and government attach great importance to, our county Party Secretary, and
http://trainersone.com/Blog/air-max-china-are-loved-by-the-growing-number-of-young-people.html other county Party committee and government leaders visit the first-line, flood relief command. At 12:30, the county held a "four members of the leadership and relevant units responsible person in charge of the emergency meeting. Meeting to strengthen the sense of responsibility, into the post in place,
Nike Air Max Thea Print Womens Shoes by the front command, to ensure that the implementation of flood control responsibility in place. At present, four teams to the five hardest hit towns, disaster self-help organization. The emergency unit of public security, urban management, fire protection, armed police and militia of more than 200 people buy Nike Air Max 90 Fusion Womens Shoes have entered the disaster line. County consisting of seven flood control and disaster relief work program, key areas around river reservoir, road traffic, geological disasters, such as, water, electricity, communications, meteorology and other important security and nuclear disaster disaster, inspections duty, social stability control, epidemic prevention and
Nike Air Max 90 Fusion Womens Shoes control and other key aspects of the work. The county more than 3000 cadres deep into streets, communities, farmers, guide and help the masses to the disaster and rescue themselves, help solve livelihood problems of the victims. Source: Sports Network Editor: Mao Minmin SN184 article keywords: rainfall in South China

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