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Original title: manufacturing disaster death toll Funing a netizen was arrested in Beijing News Network (reporter Wang Yu) this afternoon, Beijing News reporter from the province, Funing County, Jiangsu police learned, a netizen due to
Nike Air Max 2010 Women Shoes fabricate a city tornado hail disaster death toll, police administrative detention for three days. 23 days later, a message in the network spread. Newspaper Beijing news reporter saw the news, according to the central report, buy Nike Air Max 2010 Women Shoes Yancheng City City, Jiangsu Province, Funing province suffered heavy rainfall affected by the 12 tornadoes. Now it seems that this is the largest in the history of China by heavy rainfall. According to statistics, as
Womens Nike Air Max 2010 A10W02 of 17:38 June 23rd the number of deaths in Funing is rising, 321 people were killed and 842 seriously injured, 32 people are still missing." Then press "upgraded version", "just Shih Chuang, Wu Tan, Banhu, buy Nike Air Max 2011 Women Shoes Chen Liang, Chen Ji, Donggou, Xingou, Lu Pu, the death toll rose to 1258 people." This afternoon, the Beijing news reporter from Funing County Public Security Bureau was informed that the police have locked the
http://www.yqdnwx.com/space-uid-695768.html press release yesterday, and its control. Funing police propaganda staff Cao Lei told the Beijing news network reporter, the suspect is Funing County, 26 years old this year. At 5:55 in the afternoon of June
Nike Air Max 2011 Women Shoes 23rd, the death toll from the left of the suspect has risen to 1258, saying that in the spread of the WeChat group, the person who had been forwarded. Because of its adverse social impact, buy Nike Air Max 2012 Women Shoes in June 24th, Funing County Public Security Bureau was sentenced to three days of administrative detention punishment. 23 major tornado hail disaster occurred in some areas of Jiangsu and Yancheng. News from the Civil Affairs
Nike Air Max 2012 Women Shoes Department, as of 9, 24 when the statistics, the disaster caused a total of 98 people were killed and 846 people were injured, including 152 seriously injured, 10 people seriously injured. Editor: Joe sn098 article key words: Jiangsu Tornado

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