A summary of the corruption of female officials in 09:04 20141205 China’s anticorruption campaign has new results

A summary of the corruption of female officials in 09:04 20141205 China’s anticorruption campaign has new results. According to Caixin, the liberation of the PLA Information Engineering University, deputy political commissar, Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission Xiao Yan Gao major general, on suspicion of bribery is take military procuratorial departments. This is the first sacked due to corruption of the eighteen generals since high corruption. Gao Xiaoyan’s special
identity made her E-CIG CHINA fall into a hot topic in the media. China’s recent anticorruption action and the past, there are some new features, in addition to the army to fight the tiger, the most attractive is that female corrupt officials have exposure. p m, Fu Chunrong, Jin Hot E Cig kits Qiufen, Huang Yaxiang, Chen Hong, Wu Xiaohong, Yang Xiaobo, Wang Meiqin, Jin Yuan, Wen Bi, Zhaoxing e, Yang Guoling. Behind this long list of names, is the corruption of Chinese female officials of all sentient beings. Although the job has different purposes, different means, but through their degenerate trajectory, can still see some of the characteristics of female corruption. ; trickery color and to seek the right color China has a popular language: the man is rich on the bad, the woman goes bad on the money. Although some extreme, but reveals some concepts and phenomena
of the patriarchal society. The sentence in the money to change the right, in many cases can also be established, official corruption is so. Previous exposure of male officials corruption event, mistress is a is not open around the topic, not excessive to Machiavellian color phenomenon, and other words often common Zhu
Baoduan. For female officials, the behind is often the right to commit adultery. November 26th E-CIGARETTE CHINA this year, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection of the official website of the official website of the four Shanxi officials to investigate the case. The CPC Shanxi Gaoping City, former deputy secretary of municipal Party committee, Mayor Yang Xiaobo and Jinzhong municipal Party Committee Deputy Secretary Zhang Xiuping two female officials, accused of adultery with others; it is in discipline of being investigated in female officials use words for the first time. Photos of two female officials and related reports along the country, attracted many onlookers and comments. Some media held articles or reports, detailed analysis of the two female officials ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA in Mechanical Mod and RDA the end who. see the United Morning Post reported in November 28th p Xinhua Express Signed Pik Han Fung article, saying that some female officials, seems to have become the officialdom socialite,
and some are even socalled escort girls. The article thinks, if
the female corrupt adultery object relates to a superior officer, which has severe problems with color trading rights and Israel profit seeking the right. And sexual bribery has not really included in the scope of the law, but in fact the female corrupt adultery, has much more than just a immoral and discipline problems, but there is a naked enterprisers, right trading and corruption. similar cases there are a lot of. According to ifeng, known as the Sanxiang first led Disposable e cigarette Hunan Province Construction Engineering Group, former deputy general manager Jiang Yanping has said, in men in positions of power in society, only know how to fully develop the

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