all in his calculation. break Zotye auto

20110817 i like air max shoes 03:11 Wu Jianzhong: China repairer fourth any buy Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes online kind of existence has its own significance. In the multitude of strong Chinese Zotye auto industry, as the existence of a grass. Wu Jianzhong is not the four wheels and a steering wheel car crazy. Tepid him, more like a cool head gardener, sowing, rooting, germination and growth, all in his calculation. break Zotye auto, like a stone through the grass, the wind growth. Zotye breakout chronicle text reporter Cao Yifang layer upon layer of peaks and knolls, strongly fragrant. The highway passes through central Zhejiang foothills, from time to time along a large container car, dragging a container of Zotye car, in the reverse Lane on the opposite side of the body and the wrong. From Hangzhou Shanghang Jinhua Quzhou expressway, then Jinliwen highspeed, about an hour, we can arrive in Yongkang city. Yongkang to Chinese hardware are famous. China technology hardware city covers an area of 500 acres, products sold in more i like Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes than 80 countries and regions, the annual turnover of over ten billion yuan. However, in Yongkang for five consecutive years the first tax business, not hardware business, but Wu Jianzhong’s auto. I heard the Wu Jianzhong Weirenchushi lowke
Womens Jordan 14 AAA 160112040y introverted. Local television stations have done a financial interview programs, invited the famous Yongkang local entrepreneurs on business life. Wu Jianzhong first was invited to, but he has
Air Jordan Shoes Women been declined, said: Zotye auto still has a long way to go, now also not stop when reviewing the past. Wu Jianzhong have some lowkey offbeat. Yongkang Expressway to the junction of the next, even stands i like Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes the Lifan automobile billboard, which is on the buy Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes online opponent will flag in the door of their own camp. But Wu does not care about this pool of the pros and cons of a: Thai people signed dawn do endorsements, advertising on cctv. Wu Jianzhong’s office is located in the auto headquarters building on the third floor, from the decoration furnishings, as the
Air Jordan Shoes Men car prices in the most simple office of the chairman. On his desk is on the opposite wall, with a sign of many domestic and foreign car brands, but there was no Thai people.
Amare Stoudemire Shoes At leisure, look at the car across the mark, do not know this for him, is a kind of incentive? The 56 year old sitting in his reporters across the waist straight, never skip legs. Before answering a reporter’s question, he will habitually slightly upward, thinking more than ten seconds with with rich gestures, with gentle speed, say it. He is very humbly asked reporters: our Thai people are not strong, I’m afraid not qualified on the business of the cover? Indeed, in the multitude of strong automotive industry, scale is Zotye annual production of about 100000 cars, sales of about 7000000000 yuan is not strong. It is indeed the most powerful, but it is the most understand the survival of the fittest. It almost created a new category of domestic auto market in the city of small SUV. It is by virtue of the and it avoids the strong opponents in front of the Sike, got a piece of habitat space. It is not really the best, but it is the pursuit of avantgarde fashion. In March 2009, buy air max shoes online Zotye 2008EV pure electric cars in Hangzhou.

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