and then went away. Unexpectedly

Video loading, please wait… Auto play, Nanyang, off-road vehicle influence the students play forward and backward Ma climax original title: Nanyang crash discount lebron james website case behind the fund-raising chaos "on the surface, this is an accident, in, Nanyang City, Henan Province real
Lebron James Olympic Low Top Men estate market downturn, illegal financing capital chain rupture of a concentrated outbreak, and similar fund-raising trap is not only unique in Nanyang. Nanyang people call this year in February 29th "black Monday"". At noon that day, a white car BYD off-road car suddenly rushed 10 at noon after school children (a student was killed on the spot), or crazy moving forward until in Binhe Road, North River Bridge, to the East is stopped by the police. After the official release of Nanyang news that, through the investigation of the public security organs of interrogation, the suspect Ma Gaochao’s motivation is mainly social discontent, pessimism and interference, causing social concern. Ma Gaochao is a new Nanyang Nanyang city procuratorate staff of industrial city, is also a positive level cadres. On the surface, this is a car accident, but behind it is the real estate market in Henan, Nanyang Province, the real estate market slump, illegal financing funds strand breaks once concentrated outbreak. China business newspaper reported in April 4, 2015, Nanyang i like lebron james 2016 City, there are nearly one thousand real estate development companies, most of which involve private lending. After the Spring Festival, the money to go online, the time to the northern part of Guangzhou, Shenzhen, prices have gone i like air jordan shoes men up again. The news of the people a surprised at first price,
Lebron James Soldier 6 look nervous. Beijing more than 800 kilometers away from Nanyang City, a lot of people’s heart is not stable. Just the contrary, the i love cheap jordans wholesale house has been sold, which means that they are about 2 points (2% of the monthly interest rate) through the Real Estate Company or Credit Company will be unable to recover the money. Climax may be the most stressful one, he not only lent him money, Nanyang Real Estate Development Co., Ltd., as well as some relatives and friends of the money also by his hand to the new real estate. The total amount of about 40 million, "a creditor through high capital capital. Ma Gaochao early soldier. Nanyang County after demobilization home (now known as the Wancheng District Public Security Bureau), later transferred to Nanyang County court. During this period, his father Ma Gouju served as Deputy Minister of Nanyang Party discount kids air jordan shoes Committee Organization Department personnel bureau. Ma Gaochao was promoted to vice president of the court, but at this moment, he put a very important document is lost, the appointment of personnel, and ultimately failed to get a higher level of approval. He felt very unhappy, with the leadership of the court disagreement, an excuse not to work, and then went away. Unexpectedly, the horse out of the court system has been a better career development climax. Nanyang County, vice president of the court is a vice president, came out, he went to the branch – the Red Bay Township mayor. At the age of thirty, he went to another town to do party secretary. Since then, he has been director of the Nanyang municipal procuratorate anti malfeasance Bureau Investigation Bureau level. After the
Lebron James Olympic Shoes Women accident, the Nanyang procuratorate announced by the official micro-blog news, the climax of the horse has been retired. In fact, his retirement has not been processed. 3 years ago, 57 year i love jordan nubuck men old ma initiative back seat. Since then, he has basically not to the unit, but occasionally to a meeting. 2015, the climax of the movement of the horse

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