August 30th evening

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August 30th evening, the Nanning municipal government sponsored the sixth phase of the television broadcast live. The scene, many political representatives talked about children to study hard all the sad. A resident jade hole area to the director of the Education Bureau to send a bag, the residents said, although it is a small bag, but it is entrusted with the jade hole area of many children’s reading dream, Nanning City Housing Authority official statement, from the beginning of August, for 2010 years after the construction of the building to with two years the community should be supporting schools strive to full completion of construction August 31, South China Morning Post. may be the intention of the time node, at the eve of the upcoming school, the TV will be the main focus of the government to focus on the part of the district’s children’s entrance difficult and difficult to school. For Nanning area schools set up a blind area; residential building in a number of years, supporting the school is still on the drawings; new district supporting primary school can not keep up with the phenomenon, not only to become the focus of these district residents Tucao, and continue to occupy the media reports. From the response of the relevant departments in the field, a little pleased that all departments
Mens Nike Air Max 90 Knit AAA Black Green Whiteare not part of the district officials have not avoided the reality of the children to go to school, made a clear commitment to the timetable. And a little restless or uneasy, for supporting the school with times of reason, education and other relevant departments are the problems due to historical reasons, if these historical reasons to cause the public commitment to the appointment, is no doubt the wall of yourselves. p we can not say that due to historical reasons not objective, but for whatever reason, living in the blind area of education of children, a year a year in let parents as they can back schoolbag on the nearest school and worry. Pay attention to the most specific form of education is to see the layout of the school, although the jade hole area, sunshine metro area supporting the school did not as scheduled completion of the historical reasons, but it is obvious that the local planning and development of these areas, or not plan to support the construction of the school, or a plan is difficult to achieve. p in Yudong area as an example, according to the interpretation of Nanning City Bureau of education, the school early in 2007 it has been approved, after many setbacks to 2009 before deciding on the location, at the completion of land acquisition demolition formation hill until last year to get the land certificate. No matter what kind of historical reasons, a school after 8 years has not been built, the local emphasis on the concept of education and reflected in what is. And many new residential, supposedly complete primary school should at least be synchronized with the residential building, even if there are difficulties should also be put into use in the area after enrollment completed, let the inhabitants of their children to the nearest school, but regret is many new has been delivered to the use of a cell, supporting planning elementary school still drawings, attach importance to the education of the basic idea of not really set up to within two years of the supporting infrastructure, the completion of construction, easier said than done? in any case, the relevant departments should not evade the attitude of the problem is worthy of recognition, the courage to make a commitment to the public through television broadcast, more.

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