Bai Jianfeng a piece of gauze in the belly

Bai Jianfeng a piece of gauze in the belly, even sparked nine surgeries. Recently, the Shenzhen medical accident caused social attention. Two years ago, patient, Ms. sun, a hospital in Shenzhen do ovarian minimally invasive surgery, after discharge has been unbearable pain, wound bloody pus and triggered a peritoneal effusion and many other illnesses. However, i like lebron james 2016 the doctor insisted that is a normal reaction, doing multiple polyps after surgery, i love jordan nubuck men illness is still serious. Later, Ms. sun to check another hospital, found a gauze in the wound, diagnosis of intraoperative residue. So Ms. sun back in a hospital in Shenzhen to do surgery, while removing the gauze, but leave the sequelae of hematuria, urinary fistula, bladder atrophy. Because a
Air Jordan Winter Style Shoes piece of gauze, Ms. sun has done nine operations. Afterwards, a hospital in Shenzhen, said: after surgery residual gauze is an extremely lowlevel error. To this end, the hospital treated two count gauze failure nurses. Recently, similar medical accidents often seen in the media. For example, Tongcheng County, Hubei Province just happened fracture of his right leg, left leg surgery, Xiantao City staged the left colic, right under the knife. However, it is these and let the patient to bear endless pain, pay a super price. In fact, in order to reduce medical
Mens Air Jordan 13 Winter Style Navy Blue Whiteerrors, the Ministry of health had regulations, every link operation must have the strict check system. For example, i love cheap jordans wholesale doctors involved in the surgery, the nurse should check the patient’s name, name, location, surgical incision surgical instruments etc However, in many hospitals, these trades with the blood and the life system has become a mere scrap of paper. In recent years, with the discount lebron james website explosive release of medical needs, a substantial increase in the number of patients, some hospital management Its loopholes appeared one after another. Some medical staff in order to pursue the surgery, carrots wash mud, did not carefully check the patient. Some doctors have to catch a dozen surgeries a day, even the case is not to see dare to start a solo run. Such extensive management, can not see the problem? If not from the management system of profound reflection, but only few doctors and nurses, I’m afraid will emerge in an
Air Jordan 3 Winter Style Men endless stream. Who is the world’s most complex life. For the severe problems, the judge allowed the doctor, or surgical errors, patients generally easy to understand. But if the doctor committed is lowlevel error, for example, the gauze, scissors, stay in the stomach, or about different surgery, the patient is difficult to tolerate. Because people will feel that the doctor regarded life as a trifling matter, the patient is equivalent to mice. No matter what kind of reasons, are unable to forgive. So, why many doctors have made Look from the surface, is careless, poor sense of responsibility; from the deep perspective, is the lack of reverence for life,
Air Jordan 1 Winter Style Men to i like air jordan shoes men do the operation as a repair machine. Today, many doctors to medicine is just as a living technology, onesided pursuit of exceeds, while ignoring the medical humanities accomplishment. discount kids air jordan shoes Some people simply think, as long as the hand skills, can become the master of medical talent shows itself. So, many people are not willing to do routine operation, that no challenge, can not reflect the level of. In the eyes of some doctors, an appendicitis operation cut like a rotten egg, no technical content, to the real

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