Betsy Cheung of Bi Xi Zhang Lijia: the image of local tyrants do private butler Zhang Li Jia pursues is

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Betsy Cheung of Bi Xi Zhang Lijia: the image of local tyrants do private butler Zhang Li Jia pursues is, must have the international pop fan tall, but the base must be China culture. language and Yi RongAlthough is mixed fashion people, but Zhang Lijia in the lens of the photographers and not so easily. Follow the prompts to transform her body photographer’s posture, couldn’t help laughing: I see the lens face stiff. Her hair very short, tall, facial features and the phone a husky voice and delicate in stark contrast to the. behind Zhang Lijia against the wall hanger, covered with white gauze skirt mopping the floor. The other two rooms, is a senior in 2013 launched a line of clothing and men’s casual wear. Zhang Jia 3 years ago to work advanced customization referred to as high idea, the Spring Festival in 2013, the Betsy Cheung Bi Xi senior custom clubs began trial operation in a decoration exquisite two layers of small villa. Haute couture clothing is the highest realm, fashion from Paris, has a set of strict standards in europe. Each piece of clothing are the one and only high, and many are pure Handmade, expensive. has been, people just need to group setting is the world of entertainment. But Zhang Lijia does not like the entertainment circle of vanity, she will be more willing to positioning customer groups Betsy Cheung Bi jubilee for the Chinese elite, is also the business and cultural elite. She found that entrepreneurs in China after decades of development, thought and ability has a little not inferior to western entrepreneurs, less is a personal image. Chinese entrepreneur’s internal and external image formed a great contrast. So we need to help them build a personal brand image, the church they had more quality life. Housekeeper personal image 2013, Betsy Cheung Bi Jubilee launched a line of clothing the Imperial Palace fan chart. This suit the overall style is very modern, but the splicing part joined the distinctive Chinese elements. The designers found a picture of the the Imperial Palace in a topographic map topographic map, added a lot of his eyes China elements. The patterns printed on silk. The splicing parts of the clothes that are used in printed the Imperial Palace topographic map of the silk fabrics. the designer teens go abroad, have been abroad for study and work, to China impression still stays at a young age. His design, with an obvious mark of the fusion of Chinese and Western culture. this is Zhang Lijia pursuit of things, to have the international popular fan tall, but the base must be Chinese culture. when she build team, requires as the soul of the brand designers must be Chinese, but must be learned fashion design in foreign countries, must be in the foreign clothing company work. Two designers are selected according to this standard. I don’t believe in a purely external

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