br amp; amp; is the socalled the days of the ominous clouds

br amp; amp; is the socalled the days of the ominous clouds. ‘car’ have good and bad fortune overnight, recently in Harbin heavy Ganlin, water several roads is quite deep, many vehicles suffered Hong infestation. The vehicle inlet, immerse themselves in water do? Edited by some about the experience, the hope can give you some help. In addition, this is not a faithful to the strong performance of some wading recommended models for reference. br if the car is driving in deep water sections and stalled, must immediately switch off ignition, don’t try to start the engine, otherwise it will cause engine connecting rod was the top corner, damage to the engine, causing unnecessary economic losses. Conditional, should be in the first time to remove the vehicle from the water section, in order to do further examination. br if the vehicle in the parking process water, brought harm to many small, the most common is interior, most was blisters, to deal with the situation, first of all to clean up the water out of the bus, then the door opened, the best in the sun exposure to moisture evaporation. If you have to glue, must be removed. The air conditio
Mens Nike Air Max 90 Sneakerboot Ns Navy Blue Skybluening is adjusted to the internal circulation, so that the carriage of water vapor out of the vehicle through the air conditioning system. p if the vehicle in the running process of wading, appeared water flameout, then need to keep calm first and immediately turn off the ignition switch, don’t try to engine is started again, because this will cause great damage to the engine, and the insurance company will not to be subject to claims processing; then as soon as possible to remove the negative electrode of a battery cell line, in order to avoid car of all electrical appliances due to water is short circuited, then move your vehicle to a safe place, try to make vehicles from high to low, which can flow out into the exhaust pipe in the water, to avoid damage to the threeway catalytic converter and the muffler. br also need vehicle inspection system oil conditions, to avoid water appear foam, turbidity and cause the oil deterioration, loss of lubrication, coupled with the water with sand and excessive wear of the engine, at this time should be timely cleaning and replacement. After the detection is completed, the need to clean the engine compartment internal electrical connection components, to prevent the existence of moisture accumulation of electrical connection parts caused by the corrosion and there are sand residues. Focus on the site is: the insurance box, sensor plug, the body of stagnant water. After the above mentioned parts are cleaned, the vehicle road test can be carried out, and the engine can be kept in the middle and low speed, and the abnormal noise of the engine in the driving process is carefully listened. If there is a clear noise, that should be the engine bearing and rotating parts inspection again, lest these parts because of excessive wear and damage.

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