built Nanning land reform museum will remind people of the land reform hate Zhang Jianxin p according to the Guangxi News Network report: reporter learned yesterday from the relevant departments

built Nanning land reform museum will remind people of the land reform hate Zhang Jianxin p according to the Guangxi News Network report: reporter learned yesterday ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA from the relevant departments, Jiangnan District, Nanning City, recently, Jiangnan District will of many cultural celebrities have the original Guangxi province land reform working group, the second group regimental headquarters site of restoration and protection, and plan future on the old site, intends to Hot E Cig kits the completion of the National Museum of the first land reform. amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; author to:
in the blog is post land reform policy to extremes to the Chinese left endless calamity wrote: in June 1950, the central government decided in the new liberated
areas and, after 1947 areas, to carry out the land reform movement. The order, the entire countryside immediately shrouded in Red Terror, bloody, about 2000000 landlords have landed the head. In June 1950 the Third Plenary Session of the seven proposed eight tasks, which is the first land reform. Mao Zedong land reform to declare in no uncertain terms, as made in the financial and economic situation improved
and the first cond
ition. this is the land reform the first real purpose: to seize landlords wealth, to save the new red regime of financial crisis. The second purpose of land reform is: with the landlord blood, consolidate the new red regime. Land reform is the third leading to mobilize the broad masses of peasants to join the army, war on the front when hair raising its place in the world, after when the cannon fodder
http://cg211.com.cn/news/html/?890.html of the world people’s heart most red red red sun. Land reform, which has bad consequences and serious sequelae. First, the land reform artificially create hatred, destroying the excellent moral tradition of the Chinese nation, has left deep scars on the people. Secondly, the land reform undermines rural productivity. Third, the land reform to rural grassroots leadership completely deteriorated. At the end of the fourth, 1953 land reform, in the political, economic and military, fully meet the engine with the goal of the land reform movement, the growth of the Mao Zedong’s complacency, enhance the Mao Zedong’s absolute authority, for subsequent brain fever, engage in the great leap forward, the E-CIGARETTE CHINA people’s commune planted the seeds. Land reform and changing agricultural policy, first of all is to go it alone later cooperation; to the 1980s, and land down to the household alone., produced serious sequelae: agricultural production stagnant, longterm in the backward situation, still can not jump out of the stereotype of the smallscale peasant economy, lagging far behind the level of agriculture development in the world. Until today, rural areas still poor, farmers still suffer unspeakably. The prime minister Juki headache, Premier Wen E-CIG CHINA Jiabao pays particular attention to the agriculture, rural areas and farmers problems, trace to its source, the land reform Mechanical Mod and RDA could not Disposable e cigarette escape the guilt! p for the liberation of China land reform during the early period of this period of history, Chinese people recall a period of history, a wise man generally the the page turn over the past, not to mention, because mentioned land reform will make 200 then inexplicably been unjustly

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