Chengdu public opinion monitoring services: the development of the media at home and abroad concerned about the development of Sichuan good voice yesterday is the international working women’s day

Chengdu public opinion monitoring services: the development of the media at home and abroad concerned about the development of Sichuan good voice yesterday is the international working women’s day, is the Sichuan delegation of open day meeting opening the Sichuan delegation to the Sichuan delegation on behalf of women, female staff and came to the open day activities, a female reporter to extend festive greetings. p media performance of great concern for the development of Sichuan, Chengdu, in order to account for a easy to be host finding the position of question during the meeting, domestic
Air Jordan 3 Men Size US 14.15 and foreign media early in the morning came to the Sichuan Resident Mission in front of the door, lined up waiting approach. From the official start of the conference and a period of time, the venue in the media on the basic All seats are occupied Straight into the core problem in the development of p in the National People’s congress speech stage, traffic development, green environmental protection, finance, people’s livelihood issues recommendations to the point. The National People’s Congress, the Sichuan provincial development and Reform Commission Director Tang Limin combined with the actual development of Sichuan, proposed to speed up the construction of Chengdu
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Mens Air Jordan 11 Low AAA Size US 14.15.16 Red Blackianfu International i like lebron james 2016 Airport and the airport economic zone, Tang Limin said, Chengdu Tianfu International Airport for Chengdu to build modern international aviation hub, investment to accelerate the construction of the airport economic zone, to promote the development of the western inland open, has very important significance to promote the The Belt and Road and the Yangtze River Economic Belt linkage development. p at the same time, Tang Limin said that want to support the Sichuan railway construction of a major thoroughfare, I urge countries to set up special fund for the Tibetan railway construction, accelerate the i love jordan nubuck men Sichuan Tibet railway, to ensure that the Sichuan Tibet Railway Ya’an to Kangding segment, Chengdu to Xining railway to start construction this year. p from the grassroots representatives, School of transportation i like air jordan shoes men and logistics, Southwest Jiaotong University vice president Luo Xia also put forward a four point proposal, as a logistics expert, she was most concerned about Sichuan internal and external channel construction, suggested that the acceleration to Chengdu as the center of a highspeed rail construction in Sichuan, Chengdu to high iron hub cities to build. At the same time, she also suggested that the state support the highway construction, promote the highway to further extend and cover the povertystricken areas. p after delegates continue to speak at the meeting in time domestic and foreign media reporters to ask questions to answer, CCTV, Ta Kung Pao in Hong Kong and other media have raised their hands to ask
Mens Air Jordan Size US 14.15 questions, from the system promote comprehensive reform pilot area, precise poverty, corruption and other hot questions. there is no contradiction between anticorruption and economic development? Economic Daily reporter’s question is not sharp, the answer discount lebron james website also made him very satisfied. the United States Bloomberg News reporter took out a small book, from time to time in the record, especially in response to Sichuan’s economic development and other issues, he sped up the record speed. a German reporter made a special trip to come, although very standard discount kids air jordan shoes Mandarin, we even did not hear i love cheap jordans wholesale him from the media, but his problem is a bit surprising, many people did not expect his attention is

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