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Original title: Xiamen 685 talent introduction why three years not to the China Youth Daily personnel housing & middot; China Youth Daily, China Youth Online reporter Chen Qiang (2016 March discount lebron james website 23 03 Edition) 3 years, Xiamen to north of young teachers for purchase housing personnel QUANNAN want, but disappointing outcome. His hometown in Henan, North and South 2011 from Renmin University of China, doctor of linguistics, was introduced as a talent in the Xiamen city of Fujian province. He said, why choose to work here, in addition to Xiamen, the climate is warm, the air is good, suitable for life "," interview, especially by the employer, the doctor can apply for
Lebron James Olympic Shoes housing in Xiamen city. In the current housing prices soaring, this is undoubtedly a great attraction". discount kids air jordan shoes By the end of 2010,
Lebron James Low Top Shoes Men according to the "Xiamen city innovation and entrepreneurship preferential housing Interim Measures" (hereinafter referred to as the "Interim Measures") to implement, "principle to solve the housing problem of talent is to pay attention to the physical configuration and monetary subsidies, solutions, mainly including the purchase of housing, enjoy subsidies to buy and enjoy housing subsidies." 2011 the first batch of 254 people in May 2012th, proud. To see some of my colleagues just over a year on the market price is less than half the price to buy a set of housing personnel, North and South i love cheap jordans wholesale are encouraged. Therefore, in July he formally submitted to the housing application, and in the city for the publicity, "but then began a long wait, one is 3 years. The Chinese told Youth Daily · youth; online journalists, he repeatedly asked the school personnel department, the answer is that the city is still in the research, please wait patiently. I went to Xiamen to petition the other people last year, this batch of personnel housing has informed the review procedures, has been reported to the Municipal Personnel Bureau, let us go back to the news." Until February 2016 at the end of the final result, but in the north and south, it seems that this is a bad news". With the implementation of the "Interim Measures", in 5 years, the Xiamen municipal government issued a new i love jordan nubuck men talent – "Xiamen city housing policy, housing subsidies for senior staff opinions introduction". Compared with the past, the new
Lebron James Olympic Shoes Men policy is only to buy housing subsidies and rental subsidies for the two options, and no longer have physical placement. "I have been waiting for more i like lebron james 2016 than 3 years, do not want to go to the preferential housing, and the price of the market in Xiamen has doubled. North, South, encountered the same and 684 to apply for housing application, they in Xiamen City, education, health, business and other fields, many of them, Professor, chief physician, senior engineer, senior intellectuals. Xiamen i like air jordan shoes men is a listed company’s R & D Project Manager Li Quling put forward the talent housing gas. Dishonest government, has caused great economic losses to us. For example, he said that he rented in Qianpu South Real Xiamen University Professor, 2011 the landlord to sell this 128 square meters of the house, 10 billion yuan in 2000, he wanted to buy, but taking into account the employee housing policies and regulations must be in Xiamen not doing real estate, in the local real estate transaction records, so they have been afraid to enter the

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