clearly defined by only four industries

The German company Liu suffered to settle down approval of ideas help ideas foreign license a href rel = Guangxi News Network nanguojinbao Liuzhou reporter Gu Lina amp; correspondent She Qujuan yesterday, the German SMB international construction company’s executives came to Liuzhou city administrative examination and approval authority market services for approval, and on the company settled thing in Liuzhou for consultation. SMB company Liuzhou first auto test field to provide technical support, but the national related laws and regulations are not clear, this kind of ideas, whether can receive foreign enterprises in China engaged in production and business activities of the business license. Therefore, from the office of the market, service, come up with a variety of ways, to help the company successfully licensing and SMB has become the first foreign enterprises in Liuzhou registered. According to the German SMB company staff, after the car new car in Liuzhou, the delivery of products to the provincial test, they came to Liu, mainly for car prices in Liuzhou to build the testing field. At present, China Automotive Technology Research Center of Yancheng test field, Audi headquarters test field by the SMB company to provide technical support. SMB, however, is not the Liuzhou test field construction project, but the technical support side. According to the foreign regional enterprises in China engaged in production and business activities of the registration management approach under the referred to as foreign enterprises in China to register the registered to receive a business license, clearly defined by only four industries, and lease or transfer technology don’t contain them. Liuzhou City Bureau of the relevant approval market service department responsible person said. The staff of the services market, Foreign capital company of Liuzhou and many, but they are foreign legal nature, Chinese, rather than foreign enterprises registered directly in the willow. Therefore, SMB company will come to Liuzhou to conduct business as usual, should also set up a branch office in Chinese. SMB belongs to the project company, a city at the end of the project to a city, and the first and the second project between, separated by almost a decade, if each of the cities have set up branch company management, the cost is a sum of very large expenses. The SMB company staff said. The staff of the services market, although the 4 measures provisions of the industry, does not contain the SMB company in the business of liu. But after the study, the have a clause, namely paragraph three of Article Five: the state permits the engaged in the production and business operation activities. And this, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce has not made a clear explanation. Therefore, the market service department contacted the relevant departments in Jiangsu Yancheng, the other is to understand this point according to the regulations, let SMB to German companies registered in Yancheng registered identity. finally, the city Bureau of administrative examination and approval service, citing market applicable regulations and reference to other city precedent for SM

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