domestic mobile phone market slowdown

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domestic mobile phone market slowdown, the domestic mobile phone manufacturers have to look overseas, second round out the tide coming. Observation of sea strategy of these companies, both show their typical gene, and compromise and choice in the local cultural environment. In this paper, from the angle of channel, try to put some things in common, as well as the differentiation strategy, the strategy is to summarize the experience of manufacturers, also hope to have the certain inspiration to others. features: channel gene determines the choice of sea state to the first stop where? Japan and South Korea, Europe and the United States, Asia is still Africa? Believe that every manufacturer has his own agenda. In addition to study in the next few years the development trend of the country, as well as a dimension must be taken into account, is the national mobile phone market openness, development including the operators of the channel control and electricity supplier. South Korea, the operator control the country in more than 90%, millet, Meizu, Jin Li, OPPO this open channel vendors will not dare to choose, although they have a lot of confidence in their own products; however, ZTE and Huawei can easily enter. While in India, Nepal, Bangladesh this relative development in the market environment, it is a good place for Jin, millet and other brands to show its mettle. This decision reflects a channel gene manufacturers. For example, ZTE , cool, Lenovo and other Huawei, with the operator channel genes typically; Jin, OPPO, VIVO and so on, has the typical social channel gene; millet, glory, God, Meizu, has the typical electricity supplier channels gene. Although, Huawei do social channels, electricity supplier channels do millet, Jin channel operators have to do, but the main channel genes each manufacturer is very obvious. Each of the vendors in the sea, can according to their own channel gene, choose more suitable for their own development of the countries and regions. The difference of gene: three channels, 2.5 to enterprise Huawei, Jin and millet are three typical representatives, or 2.5. The reason millet half a try, because later, no fixed mode. 1 , Huawei: from the operator channel breakthrough on the domestic market, China cool union was a typical representative of the operator channel. Once a few domestic manufacturers channel operators accounted for more than 80%. Especially Huawei and ZTE telecom equipment, do come, and operators closer. In the overseas market, to take the same strategy. Huawei go out of the country for 18 years, the business are starting to operators of telecommunications equipment, has become a unique advantage Huawei terminal development, namely the operator channel. 2012 years ago, Huawei mainly take OEM OEM mode, is the pursuit of partner, custom, value, this stage although there is no formation of brand accumulation, even not much profit, but with

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