even consider the environment of Tourism

Original title: Chinese export burst buy too fierce, spent a year in GDP of Yunnan province! But we lose much discount lebron james website more than these lead: China is the largest country in the world, in the global trade, trade surplus to earn for the vast majority of countries envy. However, the "Chinese manufacturing" swept the world, Chinese tourism is. According to data released in March 22nd the World Tourism Bureau show that last year, the total cost of Chinese leave up to one billion yuan, discount kids air jordan shoes this data is equivalent to last year, Yunnan province’s GDP, the scale of. And real estate, tourism is a very long industrial chain, high value-added, can bring a lot of employment, create rich tax. Therefore, when the domestic demand to become one of his country’s external demand, Chinese loss of millions in 1 trillion over 350 billion of potential GDP and millions of jobs, tens of billions of dollars in tax.
Lebron James Soldier 6 Immigration deficit reached 2015 of nearly trillion, Chinese outbound consumption up to 13 thousand and 500 yuan, an increase of 53% over 2014! From the electrical shop in Akihabara, to the French Paris Galeries Lafayette department store, tropical beach in Phuket, Thailand, Swiss alpine skiing, Chinese people buy, buy, buy, became a hit in the world many holiday hotel is the most popular "golden master". At the same time, Chinese attract international tourists than outbound attraction. In 2015, the international tourists in China total cost is 384 billion 600 million yuan, only a slight increase of 2.97% compared to 2014. In addition, the number of Chinese tourism industry in recent years also declined: data source: National Tourism Administration of overseas tourists in outbound consumer spending minus China, this is a huge deficit of data: 966 billion 700 million
Lebron James Olympic Shoes Women yuan! Who would have thought that, in 2010, Chinese still has a surplus of $332 billion; five years later is pessimistic: total exports increased by 347%, and foreign tourists to China spent only 14.6% growth. Tourism industry has lost nearly a trillion is a huge industry, big role in promoting economy, in global scope and Tourism: 9.8% of gross domestic product, create the number of jobs is seven times that of the automobile manufacturing industry, in each of the 11 jobs, a related to tourism; in addition, tourism can also contribute to tax and high added value property, improve the income of employees, improve the profitability of enterprises. Therefore, China’s tourism industry nearly $1 trillion deficit (still rapidly expanding) brings not only the loss of economies of scale, i like lebron james 2016 and other aspects of the loss of a large number of: GDP growth of less than 1.52 percent, released by the National Bureau of statistics data show, 2014 i love cheap jordans wholesale China’s gross domestic product (GDP) to 635 million 9100 billion yuan. 9 trillion 667 billion deficit is equivalent to 1.52% of the total economic output of 2014. In the economic growth of China’s domestic demand is weak, downward pressure on the economy, i love jordan nubuck men the importance of this part of the demand is self-evident. 2 China’s per capita employment decreased by 2015, the per
Lebron James Olympic Low Top Men capita GDP of 49351 yuan, equivalent to the total i like air jordan shoes men income of $19 million 588 thousand and 300 to reach 966 billion 700 million people; even consider the environment of Tourism

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