exposure bodied foreign aid Aaron is expected to leave the team p yesterday

exposure bodied foreign aid Aaron is expected to leave the team p yesterday, Guangzhou R amp; F in the University City were the winter game 4 of the warmup match, beat a team in Xinjiang Tianshan snow leopard team 20. So far four warmup match R amp; F scored three goals, two wins and a draw a negative only 90 minutes of the game. Although the outside of the front of the strength
Cheap Kobe Bryant Olympic Women From China of R amp; F questioned, but the club on the team’s performance satisfied. Facing the chaos of the signings of rumors, the club also clarified at present, no action, is the latest news, previously referred to quitting a high possibility of Aron, it seems to leave team has the possibility is quite big. p this month to regroup, Guangzhou R amp; F first in the ratio of 1 to 0 victory over the B team buy air max shoes online in Shenyang City, followed by 0 0 draw with Serbia workers, 0 than 1 defeat in a new army Wuhua, Meizhou, the first three games of the season only into a ball and the opponent in addition to Serbia laborer strength are in general, this kind of achievement of course i like Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes not ideal, especially exposed a weak front, midfield and the lack of core problem. Until the last game, the team to win the two goal is to have an account, but the
Mens Kobe Bryant 3 Shoes MKB3S01opponent is only a team in a team. p for the performance of the team, the club does not blame, after all, the current two Brazilian striker Bruni Austrian and Renato also did not rejoin. Club vice chairman Huang Shenghua think team is currently preparing period is only half done, the old players in the adjustment of cast
http://vampirecrystals.shanblue.com/index.php?option=com_community&view=profile&userid=1778 in trial practice, the players are only first half scoring, so complete lineup and midfielder has not yet been finalized. this period i like air max shoes of time about decimating the introduction of foreign aid news after another, such as pass Hengda Rene and Yang ultrasound Liudian block exchange, Turkish midfielder Stephen amp; middot; mbia interested in joining bodied, but both of them were confirmed to be false news, which currently has joined the Chinese happiness, Fuli club also said never to mbia issued a solicitation. now the team’s variables are still in Aaron’s body. Aaron is
Cheap Kobe Bryant 3 Shoes Men From China currently decimating array first paid, had left the team’s enthusiasm buy Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes online is not high, the club also has a tendency will abandon its, to empty places more signings for. A few days ago, Aaron’s agent revealed that there are three Russian clubs and he approached, Huang Shenghua also admitted that R amp; F received several relevant Aaron’s contract. But Huang Shenghua buy Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes online said yesterday that Aaron currently physical condition gradually restored,
Cheap Kobe Bryant Olympic Men From China normal training has been involved in the team, with his ability can be competent for decimating the next season, left the team is a great possibility. Once the Aron, means that R amp; F will not excess the introduction of foreign aid a, after the team has been the introduction of striker Bruni Austria and Sweden Svensson, small Renato and Zhang Xianxiu position cannot shake. p although it bodied said the signings of market and no action, but does i like Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes not mean that the club’s work has been completed. In the eyes of the club and signings territory still lack a piece of the puzzle, if we can find suitable personnel in domestic waist position, will enable the team lineup more complete. it is reported

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