Feeling ten years ago

Feeling ten years ago, worked in a private
Nike Air Force One Low Men Shoes hospital in Ningbo to work. Is said to the boss is the Wenzhou people, find a Ningbo cooperation, then anchored a medical scientific research units, rent down the second floor of the street room decoration, so a hospital was born. At that time saw in the newspaper recruitment, interview. Clerk to my nurse book away, but then I saw his amplified three times and mighty affixed to the window, the title was promoted to head nurse. There are several like recruitment to the factories of retired doctors, township barefoot doctors are transformed, becoming an expert, placed high on the wall, overlooking one look to their patients. Infertility is the first signs of buy air max shoes online the hospital, the big banner ads on tummy a smile happily of fat baby, next to the mother is full of happiness. The hospital has opened many patients. One day, the hospital Wang to call me to say: your voice sounds good, speak Mandarin or, decided to let you and a hotline broadcast. Handed me a hospital and a gynecological quiz. I hurriedly waving said: no, no, I’ve never been broadcast. Never mind, is a local broadcast, will get
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Womens Nike Air Force One High 150312019ou a plus one hour broadcast paid. So, I was out when duck shelves, a liar, posing as a gynecological Moumou expert, every day on the radio. A villager phone call; expert doctor. I am a bush rural villagers Liu Tsui, hear your voice and patience, I hear every day. I will find you infertility for many years, to me, come tomorrow. I think it’s a good thing to cheat the dissemination of knowledge. But tomorrow to
http://tctm.cc/plus/feedback.php?aid=48 Cui Liu doctor is a barefoot doctors, now sitting in the clinic in cheat patients,’s prescription fits are inflammation, tubal blockage, hanging cefotaxime. At the time of the day is very expensive, hanging hundreds,
Nike Air Force One Low Women Shoes a course of seven to ten days, to a few thousand dollars. i like air max shoes The transfusion room was full of infusion of women. Some reaction was spit, a lovely child is on the wall, they insist on every day. There is even a college woman every day, I quietly asked her: do you have a culture, also believe? I suggest her to go to a regular hospital treatment. She styled, because I have such a liar broadcast advertising, they have entered the hospital. I was just in the hospital later buy Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes online understand more unsuspectingly, do not want to do. Once into the examination room, i like Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes see the examiner in the sperm quality detection, computer video is full of active sperm. She is to sperm, dead sperm. Be startled at me: this is, she found me standing beside i like Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes her, his face is not happy to say: why do you walk in? Not on the class. No wonder among medical staff seemed to be against what, which are tacit. One day in the registration hall to see a young woman, tall and Ana, fair skin, buy Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes online eyelashes gogo is natural, I couldn’t help but see her a few more eyes, she in the registration. Later in the Department of gynaecology saw her, lying in bed up, legs apart,! Genital long a bunch of cauliflower acuteness wet wart. The doctor gave her doing electrotherapy. Condyloma acuminatum cannot cure, the doctor told her the key knowledge not only have a patient, for temporary comfort, she will carry the virus recurrence of life

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