Guangxi news network Nanning September 9th reporter Huang Jingjing 9

Guangxi news network Nanning September 9th reporter Huang
Jingjing 9, href= p according to reports, the current EASTPO will professional customers to sign up eagerly, covering all the key E-CIG CHINA industry and China, ASEAN and regional countries. The domestic and foreign merchants professional group has reached 85, the China foreign group 73, 12 domestic groups. Will hold more than 70 trade and investment promotion activities, to provide professional customers to negotiate docking services. ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA p two sessions command center exhibition of the work of the Ministry of the relevant responsible person said, to effectively safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the manufacturers and consumers participating, and the current EASTPO exhibition will continue to set up a security know fake joint law enforcement group, responsible for the investigation of exhibitors display, sell the allegedly infringing intellectual property rights and the fake and shoddy goods, accept infringement and counterfeiting to report complaints. This year, autonomous region News Publishing Bureau of radio, film and television E-CIGARETTE CHINA for the first time to join a joint law enforce
ment group, responsible for handling allied EASTPO Hot E Cig kits will field of copyright violations. In addition, the joint law enforcement team will strengthen the management of non exhibitors goods. p
at the same time, in the 11th EASTPO will during the Laos, Myanmar and China in the first trial of double certificate system, this year will be
expanded to Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam, four countries. According to reports, the double certificate system is the corresponding national exhibitors shall be provided at the same time ASEAN
co sponsors issued qualification proof, and Expo Secretariat issued by the booth confirmation to EASTPO exhibitors. Double certificate system can further ensure that exhibits tracing to its source, to curb exhibition booth at the scene reselling, spell to use and occupation of the phenomenon and control site selling the fake and shoddy products play an effective role. p it is understood that the current EASTPO will exhibition onsite catering varieties are even more abundant, will supply in Western food, halal food, cakes, dessert snacks, fast food and coffee drinks. There will be staff for diners to provide specialized guidance, ensure the smooth, fast food into the museum. in addition, due to the expansion of venues, the traffic environment around the Convention Center is affected by a certain impact. To this end, the Disposable e cigarette Convention and Exhibition Center on the west side will be set up a taxi waiting point, the scene of the staff to arrange the scene; Zhuxi interchange bus field will also set point to the point of the bus waiting area. At the same time strengthen the scene of traffic management, by the special staff to maintain order, to Mechanical Mod and RDA ensure the smooth arrival of vehicles and leave.

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