hiding a huge cross-border crime network. Since 2011

Not long ago, Anhui Lingbi police cracked a Vietnamese woman to abduct Chinese trafficking cases. This case has been opened, due to a transnational telephone. On November 19, 2015, Lingbi County, Anhui police received in Funing County, Yunnan Province police investigation letter, said a 14 year old woman from Vietnam i like Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes Wu fan in 2014 to be abducted, never heard of again. Until July 2015, she to the Vietnamese family played buy Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes online a phone
Dennis Rodman Shoes call, said he was sold to a rural area in China. Vietnamese police asked the Chinese police investigation and rescue Wu fan. Li Zhi police said, according to the investigation of Funing, Yunnan, is to determine the Anhui Suzhou a phone number to be abducted Wu Moumi, saying his abducted to a i like Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes village in Anhui. According to i like air max shoes this clue, the police investigation found buy air max shoes online that in a village in Lingbi County, Anhui Province Yang Tuan Zhen, does have such a Vietnamese girl. Can a child of 14 years old, be how from Vietnam to Anhui? After understanding, this girl is a village in Lingbi County in 2014 to buy back
Chris Paul Shoes from Yunnan, accompanied by the buyer to Yunnan, there is a local man zhang. Police investigation found that just a few years, Zhang has more than a dozen trips to Yunnan,
Mens Amare Stoudemire Shoes Grey Yellowand each time there will be accompanied by the villagers in Lingbi county. The police investigation confirmed that abducted behind Wu fan, hiding a huge cross-border crime network. Since 2011, a total of 14 Vietnamese women trafficked to Lingbi County, of which 4 women have fled the local. In the grasp of a large number of clues and evidence, the end of 2015, Lingbi police
http://demosite.center/punbb/profile.php?section=signature&id=215 began to understand the rescue operation, a total of 10 Vietnamese women to rescue the women, 21 suspects arrested. Several women and minors were abducted and trafficked & nbsp; in 14 abducted Vietnamese woman, was a minor, buy Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes online they only fourteen, five years old. The 23 year old UTTI many trafficked Anhui, Lingbi has five years of time. In 2011, UTTI fan working in Vietnam’s own neighborhood, knife several Vietnamese man stopped and pulled on the motorcycle. UTTI Fan said, he was first brought to Yunnan, sold to the mountains, and later sold to Anhui Lingbi. Abducted the way, UTTI fans have tried to escape, but because there are always people who care, there has been no successful escape. Police, after the woman was local Vietnamese kidnapping was first brought to Yunnan, give Zhang on-line, Yunnan three men. The three men again through the middle of Zhang homes sold. Until rescued, many Vietnamese girls are minors, and most of them have been sold for many times. Tens of thousands of pieces of money can buy a Vietnamese wife Anhui police in the local total arrest of the suspect 21 people, including the case of principal Zhang, acts as a middle man, Zhang per trafficking one to five thousand yuan profit. 6 years, he has abducted 14 Vietnamese women. What is the reason for Zhang embarked on the road of crime? He and his partner and how Vietnamese women trafficked to China? Police, the suspect Zhang because
Amare Stoudemire Shoes the body is not good, has been to find a wife. Later, during the working period, Zhang introduced, in 2011 to Yunnan to buy a Vietnamese girl. Later, the news in Lingbi mother

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