Href= volunteers to carry out comity zebra in North Jinhu guide activities

Href= volunteers to carry out comity zebra in North Jinhu guide activities. Nanning fine comity zebra p 9 June 6, the traffic police department police through the electronic camera and Road police patrol photograph and other forms, the act of comity were investigated p a a href rel = Guangxi News Network South China Morning Post reporter amp; Ping Ping Li the amp; Su Hua chart, p 9 on the afternoon of June, Nanning City startup capital of volunteers comity zebra line focus days of action on the first day of activities, more than 300 volunteers took to the streets, in the city’s 81 demonstration intersection guided vehicle comity zebra. This activity by the Nanning Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department, Nanning city civilization office, Nanning city departments under the working committee, Nanning City Transportation Bureau, Nanning City Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment, South China Morning Post, joint development. In the traffic police, volunteers under the guidance, the drive
Kids Air Jordan 3 Black Gray Orange Redr of the car, hand electric vehicle comity zebra has been further standardized : is part of the driver failed to consciously comity p it is reported that Nanning city from September this year to 2016 3 months, in the city to carry out capital of Nanning volunteers comity zebra day of action, and set the 81 comity zebra civilized demonstration sites, each model point are arranged four volunteers involved in persuasion driver comity zebra. p September 6 at 6 o’clock in the afternoon, the reporter in front of No. 2 Camellia Road District Party committee to see zebra crossing nearby, in zebra crossing on both ends of a number of volunteers on duty, everyone holding hands, comity zebra amp; civilization of the road signs with the traffic police on duty and distribute leaflets. Because of the rush hour, the d word intersection traffic more, many electric car drivers to see pedestrians through the zebra line did not consciously comity. everyone stops to wait, let the pedestrians in the past. Ms. Lu Bagui volunteers volunteers sweat, waving flags to discourage the several dial trying to wear from the pedestrian in the past electric hand. An electric hand awkwardly said that they usually riding a donkey no comity zebra consciousness. In the zebra crossing to see the pedestrian, are generally seize every opportunity to accelerate the ride in the past, before watching the news, think only the vehicle should comity zebra crossing, but now I know riding a donkey also want comity. in Jinhu North Industrial and Commercial Bureau

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