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Enterprises Tucao social security rate decrease little known in the industry pay less than slow reporter Wen in the central reduce enterprise cost, to enhance the overall requirements of the vitality of enterprises, corporate burdens and measures began to implement. On April 19, national Ministry of human resources and social security, the Ministry of Finance jointly issued the "on the stage of lower social insurance rates notice" (hereinafter referred
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Nike Air Force Ones Shoes in endowment insurance, unemployment insurance, maternity insurance and other aspects put forward specific requirements. Stakeholders in an interview with "Chinese business newspaper" reporter said that this policy is promulgated by the state, to the enterprise is indeed real in the burden, but it is generally believed that decline is unlikely, there are views think and reduce the rate of social security, as deferment of enterprises more meaningful. Is expected to reduce annual business costs 120 billion yuan or more than the total ratio does not drop." As a spokesperson for small and medium enterprises, the famous economist, Wenzhou SME Development Association President Zhou Dewen on the China business news reporter said so. He said that under the current economic downward pressure increase, the central government introduced the policy is really help enterprise burden. Key is the inclusive policies involving ten
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http://thepeebleslawyer.com/index.php?option=com_k2&view=itemlist&task=user&id=235553 to 19%; unemployment insurance will once again lower rates, which rates for individual is less than 0.5%. Reduce the buy air max shoes online rate according to the time limit for two years. Vice Minister of human society Zhang Yizhen said in answer to a reporter, if the "notice" policy in place, the estimated annual total of more than 120 billion
Kids Nike NBA Star Shoes yuan can reduce the cost of enterprise. This also means that the two enterprises can reduce the cost of 240 billion yuan. In fact, the enterprise is more intuitive. Huanyu Group Human Resources Manager Wu i like Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes Jianxin told reporters, in accordance with the provisions of the "notice", their business every year to save the cost of hundreds of thousands of yuan. Huanyu Group created in 1989, focusing on high and low voltage complete sets of equipment, power transformer and research and development of high and low voltage electrical components manufacturing. Wu Jianxin said, as a labor-intensive enterprises, the policy is definitely good news for them. In fact, as early as last year, the Department spokesman Li Zhong said that the future will be appropriate to reduce the rate of social insurance. This year, "13th Five-Year" planning outline of the draft clearly, appropriate to reduce the social insurance premium rate. "Chinese enterprise newspaper" reporter noted that the Department recently i like air max shoes released data show that China’s total social security rate still reached 39.25%, the enterprise also reflects the relatively heavy burden. i like Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes The base and the proportion of social security fees are high, for most enterprises under the new economic norm, formed a relatively large pressure. The famous economist Song Qinghui told reporters, from the international comparison, China’s social security total exchange rate is high. He said that the "notice" the implementation should be a good start, buy Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes online hope that the future more room for downward adjustment, there are more negative

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