In April 8th

In April 8th, the Shijiazhuang Hebei bridge staff directly to buy imported goods center buy Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes online placed in the center. Xinhua News Agency on April 9, Huang Bofa microblogging (left), laughing at himself in Paris airport through old photos (pictured right) idlers the. The new tax system, the original title: Sea Amoy can "Hi Road"? A
Carmelo Anthony Shoes new cross-border business in April 8, the implementation of the tax system, it is necessary to the implementation of new tax system for the transnational operation, 11 April 7 days late, the Ministry of Finance and other departments officially announced cross-border e-commerce retail import list, cross-border business, free trade area, many platforms struggle. In accordance with regulations, some milk powder and liquid milk and other products will not be sold through the tax package, then consumers can really buy these products on the Internet? How to deal with the "white list" of goods in the bonded warehouse? Imported liquid milk
Air Jordan Shoes Women does not enter the white list, a lot of milk will face the situation into the sea. "In April 8th, a circle of friends broke out in the press. According to the published list of imported goods, the main electricity buy air max shoes online supplier after the import of liquid milk is not within the scope of the license sales. Can be seen, the German transport on the first page of the flagship store is
Mens Hardaway Shoes 150304012sued notice said: through the import tariff policy adjustment and upgrading during the payment orders in the customs system and may lead to prolong the time of arrival for clearance reasons, you need to be patient, please i like air max shoes understanding! In addition to the de Yun, Tmall’s official overseas flagship store Metro will be the next frame of liquid milk. On the first page of the "emergency notice" said: in the escalation of payment orders from April 7th to 8, the impact of customs clearance system, import tariff policy adjustment, the time will be extended from 3 to 2 days, part of the commodity shelf temporarily adjusted. At present, this part of the fate of milk can not make it, many people decide what path to follow, in the implementation of the policy, such as further details." The most painful is that there is no specific training, many policies do not understand, "an industry source said. i like Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes A business executive said in an interview, the bonded area of cross-border imports of orders through the interception of the list with the previous release, the list clearly does not pass through the cross-border import channels of goods orders will be blocked. Henan bonded Group CEO Xu Ping in an interview with the media, said: Zhengzhou bonded warehouse i like Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes 70% of the goods are affected, this is what we can not expect. The introduction of new rules has not been given adequate transition period, free trade zone, Zhengzhou, most businesses has abandoned the "night" to digest inventory or "white list" of the advantages of industrial integration, "positive list" includes eight 1142 digit tariff lines of goods, mainly domestic consumer demand, which can meet the requirements of the
Penny Hardaway Shoes relevant regulatory authorities, objective can be expressed mail, e-mail and other means, including buy Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes online part of the food and beverage, household appliances, cosmetics, children’s toys, vacuum cup. In this regard, the founder of honey bud Liu Nan said that the list is a good thing: in the short term to publish a positive list of electronic business platform needs to have some adjustment, in the long run, more regulation. Grasp the overseas supply chain, brand strength and close cooperation, and long-term benefit of the platform, but also a good opportunity to consolidate. It can be said that the tax reform and the positive list of these 2 policies

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